Safe standing to be adopted by more British clubs from next season

More British football clubs are to adopt “safe standing” areas within their stadiums from next season, the UK government confirmed on Monday. Brentford, Queens Park Rangers and Wolverhampton Wanderers will be the first clubs to join early triallers of the initiative — Cardiff City, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur — in offering … Read more

Raksha Somashekhar Wiki, Age, Bio, Family – WeezerSongs

Raksha Somashekhar Raksha Somashekhar was a Kannada model and film actress who hails from Bangalore. Born and was raised in Bangalore to a professional’s family. From a young age, she was has been fascinated by the world of entertainment, specifically, acting. She began her career as a model in a video commercials. Currently she’s in Kannada films as … Read more

Robotic surgery helps remove adrenal gland tumors in kids

In a breakthrough surgery that was possible because of robotic technology, three large tumors were removed from the adrenal glands of two siblings. Now this gland is vital to maintaining blood pressure and surgery is tricky as its functioning can be impacted with the slightest damage. Besides, both the children, Manan and Disha Joshi, had … Read more

Japan sights China, Russia warships near disputed islands

Japan protested to Beijing after spotting Chinese and Russian warships just outside its territorial waters around the disputed East China Sea islands on Monday. Japan’s Defense Ministry said a Chinese frigate sailed inside the “contiguous zone,” just outside Japanese territorial waters around Senkaku Islands, which Beijing also claims and calls the Diaoyu, for several minutes … Read more