77-year-old Australian man dies after a kangaroo attack

The last fatal attack by a kangaroo was reported in 1936 in New South Wales in Australia.

On Wednesday, Australia saw one of the very rare cases of a fatal kangaroo attack. As reported by ABC News, Peter Eades, a 77-year-old resident of Redmond, was attacked by a three-year-old male kangaroo.


Eades was found with severe injuries at his farm by a relative who sought help from the paramedics. When the emergency services arrived at the scene, the marsupial reportedly prevented them from reaching Eades and hence the police had to kill the kangaroo in an attempt to give Eades life-saving treatment. The efforts to save Eades were unsuccessful as he succumbed to the injuries.

Police believe that Eades, who was a local alpaca breeder, might have kept the kangaroo as a pet. In a conversation with CBS News, Tanya Irwin, who works at the Native Animal Rescue service in Perth, said that people rarely get permits to keep kangaroos in Western Australia. She also added that adult male kangaroos can turn aggressive and do not do well in captivity.

The last fatal attack by a kangaroo was reported 86 years ago in 1936 in Australia’s New South Wales.

In a conversation with ABC News, Michelle Jones, a wildlife carer said that the tragic incident highlights how people need to be careful around wild animals like kangaroos. Jones added, “It does really bring to light the fact that kangaroos are definitely not pets, they are wild animals. I have raised joeys that sat in the palm of my hand and hadn’t even opened up their eyes yet … At around 18 months to three years of age, these beautiful sweet lovable animals, which is the description I would give them up to that point, become wild animals.”

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