Amateur Scottish Club pint of beer style football kit

Amateur Scottish football club Newcraighall Leith Victoria have grabbed quite a few eyeballs with their new kit designed similar to a pint of beer. The envy of professional football world. The kit, sponsored by Tennent’s Lager, a brewing company founded in the 18th century in Glasgow, has made the Edinburgh based club the talk of the football town.

‘Think that is quite possibly the best football kit I have ever seen’, wrote on user on social media, referring to the above kit.

The design however makes it not the most casual of kits to don in public places. Certainly not one you won’t be noticed in.

‘This is absolutely horrific. How do I buy this’, wrote another user on Twitter.

Newcraighall Leith Victoria have also introduced two other kits, maybe not as much talked about but equally interesting in terms of the design. A red Strongbow sponsored kit , quite possibly to please those who are fans of cider, while a third strip has been designed with a PacMan print, bringing back memories of the 90’s gaming sensation.

They are however not the first amateur football club to have introduced out of the box kits. In 2020, fellow Scottish side Loch Ness FC caught attention when they released a white and gold kit with a monster design at the front.

The club is based out of the Lothian & Edinburgh AFA, which is the premier division of Scottish Amateur Football Association.

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