Amid high attrition rate, Fujitsu aims to hire over 1,500 employees for India operations

Between July 2021 and June 2022, Fujitsu, the Tokyo-headquartered information and communication technology company, had reported an increased attrition rate for its Asia operations at 14.5 per cent against the 12.5 per cent which the company reports in India, China, Malaysia and Philippines.

Tim White, corporate executive officer and executive vice-president of the company, while speaking to The Indian Express Tuesday, said the company has plans to hire more than 1,500 new employees for its India operations in the current fiscal.

Software companies have been seeing what is being termed as the resignation wave with more and more employees switching jobs. Higher increments and other benefits, including flexible workspaces, were cited as the main reasons for the switches. The industry has seen experienced mid-managers leaving en masse with companies scrambling to retain their talent. White mentioned that their company had not seen resignation from any specific band but the phenomenon had affected all the bands equally. “However, we have seen indications of this slowing down and the phenomenon plateauing,” he said.

India, White said, has emerged as the resource pool for the company for its clients across the world. Employing around 8,000 plus people, the India centre works with agile development in the three core sectors of sales force, SAP and service.

While India is a resource pool for the company’s operation in many parts of the world, the company “is not ready yet to do direct business with Indian clients”. Shrikant Vaze, the head of the Asia Cluster Global Development Centre at Fujitsu Consulting India, said, unlike in other parts of the world, India is leapfrogging into technology. The company’s centres in India supports its operations in Europe, America and other parts of the globe.

White talked about optimising the opportunities for its employees and taking steps to deploy the right resource in the right place. Reskilling and upskilling, he said, are continuous processes to help the employees.

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