August 2, 1982, Forty Years Ago: Lok Dal Crisis

The Lok Dal seems to be hurtling towards a major crisis. Madhu Limaye, general secretary of the party, resigned his post. Three  party secretaries have already resigned.  Party workers and leaders from different states will meet in New Delhi to decide what they would do. The question of forming a new party may also be raised at that meeting.

Blow-out In Oilfield

There has been a blow-out in a well in Bombay High oilfield — an uncontrollable flow of gas with traces of oil. The blow-out has not yet been controlled. It occurred when the jack-up rig “Sagar Vikas” was drilling for the first time into a new formation where geological data had suggested the presence of gas. There has been no report of any casualty.

Beirut Airport Taken

Israeli forces carried out a big offensive against Palestinian guerrillas in Beirut and Defence Minister Ariel Sharon said they had captured the city’s international airport. Launching one of the biggest actions of the eight-week war, Israeli planes, ships and armour bombarded Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) strongholds for about 14 hours before a cease-fire was arranged.

Kenya Coup Attempt

Elements of the Kenyan airforce tried to oust the government of President Daniel Arap Moi but the attempted coup was crushed by other sections of the armed forces and the police, the state radio reported. President Daniel Arap Moi broadcast to the nation after the abortive coup attempt and thanked army leaders and their men for “their total loyalty to me and to the government and the people of Kenya.” At least eight people were reported killed and 50 wounded.

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