Auto driver offers candies & much more to passengers, goes viral

Autorickshaw rides are usually a simple affair in India, but Rajesh, an auto driver from Bengaluru, offers his passengers more than just a ride. A picture of his auto’s simple but efficient setup has recently gone viral after a social media user posted it on Twitter.

In the now-viral picture, one can see a hanging rack made of synthetic fabric. The rack contains snacks, first aid, copies of Hanuman Chalisa, and a sanitiser bottle, among others.

While sharing this picture, Twitter user Uttam Kashyap wrote, “Meet Rajesh an Auto owner in #Bengaluru. He kept Sanitizers,Banded, Biscuits. water Bottle and some cofey Bites chocolate for his travellers.. He told me that customer is everything for him .. Kudos to Rajesh .. he made my Friday with his unconditional gesture.”

The picture garnered over 1,000 likes since it was posted on October 28. Netizens appreciated Rajesh’s efforts to go the extra mile and make the auto ride special for the passengers. Many netizens also asked the original poster to share Rajesh’s number with them so that they can avail of his service.

Commenting on the video, a social media user said: “An enterprising person who is passionate about his job. It would have been good, had you posted his auto number. Kudos to Rajesh🙏”.

Another person said, “Unbelievable! Leave aside 3-wheelers, even the cabs of Ola, Uber, Meru, etc. don’t have anything like this considering that they charge much more! Looks like not only an honest auto owner but also a very considerate one. Hope he’s an inspiration for others.”

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