‘Beauty of an Indian joint family’: This Maharashtra family has 72 members

People rarely live in joint families nowadays and nuclear families have been on the rise for some time now. However, a family in Maharashtra’s Solapur has astounded many netizens with 72 members living under one roof. Yes, you read that right!

The Doijode family, that runs a trading business, needs 10 litre of milk in the morning and evening and consumes about Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,200 worth vegetables in each meal. A BBC video shared by Twitter user Ananth Rupanagudi features the large family. In the video, several members of the family are seen interacting with each other and going on with their activities.

“We have such a huge family that we need 10 litre of milk in the morning and evening. Vegetables worth approximately 1,000-1,200 INR ($12-24) are eaten in each meal. Non-vegetarian meals are three to four times more expensive,” Ashwin Doijode, a family member is heard saying in the video.

“We buy a year’s worth of rice, wheat and pulses; around 40 to 50 sacks. Since we need such big quantities, we buy wholesale so it’s affordable,” he adds.

While those born and brought up within the family live with ease, those who got married into the family find it a bit difficult to cope initially. “Initially I felt intimidated by the scale of this family. But everyone helped me. My mother-in-law, sister and brothers-in-law helped me settle down,” Naina Doijode, a daughter-in-law, says in the video.

Children in the family have a lot of fun with lots of relatives to play with and grow together. One of them, Aaditi Doijode, is heard saying in the video, “When we were kids, we never had to go out to play. We have so many family members and that has made us bold enough to speak with anyone else. My friends are amused to see so many people staying together.”

“The beauty of an Indian joint family – the 72-member Doijode family of Solapur! Amazing! #family #amazing,” Rupanagudi captioned the clip. Users were delighted with the large number of family members and a user heaped praises on Indian culture. A user commented, “So fortunate. Truly blessed.” Another user wrote, “The sad truth is that we Indians have lost all kind of value system over the starting of 21st century. May it be 4rm Clutural, Sanskar, Respecting elders, moral values, walk next door for help, be sympathetic/humble to everyone. The nations freedom also was a freedom from this.”

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