Bengaluru: Patients should be rushed to hospital even if there is no external injury, say doctors

Bengaluru-based doctors have said that patients should be immediately rushed to the hospital in case of accidents where they have not developed any external damage as they could gradually develop neurologic signs and symptoms caused by the injury.

Dr Kumar Swamy. E-Consultant, Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospitals, Bannerghatta Road, said: “After an accident, if a victim is unconscious and there are no external injuries, there is cause for serious concern as there may be major internal injuries, which most likely could be solid organ injuries.”

“If any school staff witnesses such victims, they should alert the nearest hospital facility and ask for an ambulance immediately. The victim should not be given water and should be made to lay flat without moving as movement may aggravate neck and other injuries. Once the ambulance reaches, the patient needs to be immobilised before shifting,” he added.

Dr Avinash K M, Consultant-Neurosurgery, Manipal Hospital Hebbal, on his part said “whenever there is an accident, the patient could be fully normal or may have a headache”.

“Children might not express their headache and might get unconscious after a time. A patient initially after an accident is normal and there is no headache or vomiting sensation but gradually they develop that. This is something called a lucid interval,” said Dr Avinash.

“Especially in children, irrespective of any large vehicle accident or high speed accident, even if a child is seen fully normal or seems cooperative, they have to be brought to the hospital. We usually keep them under observation for five hours to see if they are okay and tell them to come back if they develop a headache. In a case like this, the patients have to be brought as early as possible,” he added.

The remarks came after a seven-year-old school boy succumbed to internal injuries that he sustained on getting hit by a private school van at Munekolala near HAL Wednesday.

R. Nitesh Kumar, the deceased, was a student of Class 1 at Munekolala Government School.

“The accident happened around 9.15 am on Wednesday while the boy was on his way to school. While crossing the road, the front portion of the van hit the forehead of the boy. We have arrested the driver Vittal,” said a cop at HAL Airport Police Station.

“The passersby gave water to the child. There were no external injuries and since the boy was talking normally the driver thought Nitesh was safe and he left. Nitesh went to the school and around 10 am told his teacher that he was feeling giddy. The teacher observed swelling on his forehead,” he added.

The cop further said the boy was taken to a nearby hospital but he died during the course of the treatment.

“We have seized the van as well and are investigating the matter,” he added.

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