Can you ace Matsyasana like Ankita Konwar here? Find out about its health benefits

Ankita Konwar’s love for fitness is palpable on social media. She regularly posts about yoga and running, and inspires people to follow an active lifestyle. In one of her recent posts, she was photographed demonstrating Matsyasana, also known as Fish Pose in yoga.

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In this pose, one assumes the form of a fish, by arching their back and pointing their chest to the sky. While the asana may look simple, it can be aced only by regular practice. If you are a beginner, here is everything to know about it.

To assume this pose, first rest on your elbows with your forearms flat on the mat and your upper arms making a perpendicular angle against the floor. Next, bring your shoulders back and lock them near the spine and arch your back so that your chest puffs up.

Place your palms on the mat and relax. Then, bring your head all the way back so that the crown nearly touches the floor — do not force it or risk injury. You can cross your legs and lock them like how Ankita does in the picture, or they can be stretched out on the mat.

But make sure your legs are active and toes are moving. To relax, release your upper body by raising your head off the floor and flattening your back on the mat. Make sure to not put too much pressure on the head or you may strain your neck. The weight needs to be divided between the arms, back and the head.

Begin slowly and ensure the end is not abrupt either. Avoid it if you have a neck injury.

In the caption for the pictures, clicked by her husband Milind Soman, Ankita wrote: “To have faith in the universe also means trusting yourself completely. Most struggles between relationships are caused by lack of self understanding. Once we learn how to understand and trust ourselves, trust our instincts, everything becomes easier. Note: Each day at a time.”

This asana is known to help one stretch their muscles of the belly and neck, thereby stimulating the organs present there, and also improving the posture. It can boost blood circulation to the brain and help with stress and anxiety.

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