‘Confidence is not an innate quality, real work needs to be done’: Zibby Lindholm

Being confident in everything you do can not only make your tasks easier but also help develop your self-esteem. In a TEDx Talk, Zibby Lindholm opened up about her journey with understanding what confidence is and why it’s crucial.

She said, “Some people assume confidence is an innate quality and it requires no thought. So did I.” She then shared a story about that very TEDx experience, and how, when she first shared her speech with her colleagues, she was incredibly confident — but a lot of people told her to change things about it. “I wished I had quit earlier,” she said. 

“That’s when I realised, confidence is not an innate quality. It requires thinking. Pre-thinking doesn’t signify a lack of confidence.” she continued.  

“Confidence is a thread that weaves itself through everything that we do. It supports us. Let’s follow that thread.”

“Confidence gives you the opportunity to choose what you project to the world. Without confidence, people can be forced to change parts of themselves. With it, you can express yourself as the person you wanna be.” Zibby added. 

Concluding, she said, “Start with thinking and then move on to doing. Confidence is not an innate quality. Real work needs to be done.” 

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