Covid positivity rates in Mumbai, Pune, Thane and Palghar higher than Maharashtra average

As Maharashtra’s Covid positivity rate shot up to 10.64 per cent in the week ending June 21 and weekly positivity rates in Mumbai, Palghar, Thane and Pune surpassed the state average, experts have urged vigilance.

“We have seen two and a half years of Covid-19 and now there is a need to learn to live with this disease. There is a need to remain vigilant but to refrain from panicking,” Dr Shashank Joshi, expert member of the Covid task force, told The Indian Express.

As against 19,304 new infections in June 8-14, the state saw a 36 per cent rise in June 15-21, when 26,344 Covid cases were registered. According to a health department report submitted to the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Mumbai accounts for 54 per cent of all Covid infections in the state and there are 14,146 active cases in the city, followed by 5,569 in Thane, 2,113 in Pune and 1,046 in Raigad. The Covid positivity rate in the week ending June 21 in Mumbai was 16.12 per cent. The rates for Palghar, Thane and Pune were 15.87 per cent, 14.94 per cent and 13.87 per cent respectively.

Around five per cent of the patients across the state have been hospitalised. While 274 have severe symptoms, 153 are admitted to intensive care units. Twenty-two patients are on ventilation and 131 are on oxygen support, according to the health department report. Testing has been stepped up from 25,824 samples on June 2 to 37-40,000 samples.

“We have seen Omicron and its sub-variants causing mild illness in silent cluster outbreaks for the past four weeks. It is more or less like seasonal flu. However, we need to keep a close watch on the vulnerable age group and those with comorbid conditions,” Dr Joshi said.

“Usually the symptoms are fever that lasts for 12-36 hours, sore throat, blocked nose and fatigue. The disease lasts for one-three days and in some it could last more than five days. The treatment is symptomatic unless one is hospitalised.. However, so far there has been miniscule lung involvement,” Dr Joshi said.

16.85 crore vaccine doses administered so far

Overall 16.85 crore vaccine doses have been administered in Maharashtra. Fifty-nine per cent youngsters in the 12-14 age group have been administered their first doses of Covid-19 vaccines while 65 per cent in the 15-18 age group have got their first shots. Around 87 per cent in the 18-44 age group have got their first doses. There are 1.37 crore people who have yet to get their second doses of the Covishield vaccine and 31.72 lakh people yet to get their second Covaxin shots.

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