Cracks appear on Ultadanga flyover

Motorists and local residents on Wednesday spotted cracks that have developed on a section of the VIP Road-bound arm of the Ultadanga flyover, raising concern over safety.

Engineers from the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) visited the spot and did an initial inspection of the two cracks that were spotted. According to one of the engineers, the cracks do not affect the safety of the flyover. However, a detailed inspection will be carried out by experts in the next few days, sources said.

The flyover, which was commissioned 11 years ago, has been plagued with issues. In 2013, a portion of the EM Bypass bound arm of the flyover collapsed because of faulty bearings. In November last year, health inspection of the flyover was done. The EM Bypass-bound arm was closed for vehicular traffic for a few days owing to repair work.  

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