Delhi-based band Kraken and its unconventional ways to make a ‘bhangra rock’ track

After a successful crowdfund campaign in the summer of 2020, Kraken, a Delhi-based band, has released their music video from their EP Club Namaste, the track is called ‘Khan Market Gang’. The video is in itself an expression of multiple ways in which one can experience Delhi. The mood board of their new release reflects the same.

The band includes Vipul Verma on vocals, Moses Koul on guitar, Reuben Das on keyboard, Divij Kapoor on bass and Suyash Gabriel on drums.

Work on Club Namaste began in 2019, after Kraken’s successful crowdfund. After three years of hard work on the album, most of it during the pandemic, Kraken has experimented with a new genre called ‘bhangra rock’. It is a complete genre shift from their last album ‘Lush’ which was a metal album.

The band members say, “Khan Market Gang was always supposed to be the lead track from our upcoming album Club Namaste. We knew that this track needs to hit the listeners, but not consciously ‘bhangra-ise’ the song. Living in North India, Punjabi music is a part of you, and since our motto is to make people dance like there’s no tomorrow. So, bhangra rock looked like the way to go.”

They recently featured on the Spotify hit list for ‘Khan Market Gang’. According to the band, “Khan Market Gang is a song about getting lost in the experiences Delhi throws at you. It captures the depth to which the band is defined by every nuance of the city, and is a reflection of the band’s personal experiences with the city – and letting the experiences change you internally, and how it affects the point of view.”

Using serpentine riffs with bhangra beats, the band has also added tabla beats merged with the tune of guitar. It is a new formation and keeps you hooked throughout the album.

Kraken says Delhi is ‘a pocket of many worlds, containing diverse cultures and a variety of people all brought together under an umbrella of unspoken acceptance. The song also stemmed from the band’s collective understanding of what it means to be an Indian in a globalised city like Delhi where cultures constantly merge, and how that influences its residences daily.”

Throughout the album instruments and the lyrics bring in diversity of energies which keeps the listeners entertained. Their new EP Club Namaste releases on September 9.

Shweta Shetty

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