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THREE WEEKS after he formally took over as Congress president, Mallikarjun Kharge has finally put in place a team to run his office. While he has appointed four AICC coordinators attached to his office, his selection of 39-year-old Gaurav Pandhi has come as a surprise. It is a big leg-up for Pandhi, a vocal Congress voice on social media. He entered the Congress system in 2012-13 as a volunteer in the then newly set up social media team. He was among those who laid the groundwork for building the social media department a decade ago. Considered close to team Rahul, his appointment as a coordinator attached to Kharge’s office is interesting from an internal dynamics point of view. The other coordinators are Rajya Sabha MP Syed Naseer Hussain, former AICC secretary in charge of communications Pranav Jha and Gurdeep Singh Sappal, who was CEO of Rajya Sabha TV.

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WITH THE campaign in Gujarat heating up, the BJP is set to launch its “carpet bombing” campaign tactics later this week. The party has instructed Union ministers and senior BJP leaders to address rallies and smaller meetings – at least in three Assembly constituencies each – on a daily basis. The party expects that the effect of such campaigning across the state would make a strong impact. So on November 18, the party will spread its leaders, including chief ministers, Union ministers and senior leaders across Gujarat. The BJP had used similar tactics in Gujarat in 2012 and 2017 to see that its messages reach all 182 constituencies.

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