Delhi Covid-19 positivity rate goes past 8%-mark for first time since January-end

The Covid-19 positivity rate of Delhi went up to 8.18 per cent on Friday, crossing the 8 per cent-mark for the first time since January-end when the country witnessed the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The positivity rate, which is the proportion of samples tested that return positive, is indicative of the spread of an infection in an area, with the World Health Organisation considering a positivity rate of 5 per cent or less over two weeks to mean that the spread is under control.

The current positivity rate, however, might not reflect the real situation on ground as people have started testing for the infection at home since home kits became available earlier this year. This, along with the government guidelines discouraging asymptomatic tests, has been the reason for fewer tests being conducted.

There were 17,641 tests conducted on average daily over the last seven days, compared to an average of 70,246 tests conducted each day in January, with the total crossing the 1 lakh-mark at least on two instances.

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Delhi recorded 1,797 new cases of the infection on Friday, which is higher than the number of cases recorded this April when the city saw a slight spike in cases after mask mandates were done away with. All Covid-19 restrictions were re-introduced and the numbers started going down, but not to the level seen after the third wave waned.

The number of new cases in the city started going up again about ten days ago. Hospitalisation and mortality, though, haven’t increased proportionally, with city doctors claiming that the pattern is the same as was seen during the Omicron variant-driven third wave.

There were 165 patients hospitalized with the infection when the cases remained over 1,000 for three consecutive days at present as compared to March last year ahead of the massive Delta variant driven wave when there were 1,094 persons in the hospital after the cases remained over 1,000 for three days.

There have been 16 deaths with the infection in June and 35 deaths in May. City doctors, however, say that in most cases, the deaths were in patients who were receiving treatment for other conditions and the finding of Covid-19 was incidental.

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