Delhi: Covid cases in city over 1,000 for 4th day in a row

Covid-19 cases in Delhi are on the rise again, with over 1,000 cases being recorded for four days in a row. The city recorded 1,333 new cases and a positivity rate of 8.39% on Saturday.

Official figures are unlikely to capture all cases in the capital as the number of tests has dropped after the third wave in January, with home-based kits becoming readily available.

As per Saturday’s bulletin, 15,897 tests were conducted. To compare, at the height of the third wave in the second week of January, Delhi had conducted over 91,800 tests a day on average, with the numbers even crossing 1 lakh. Active cases have also increased to 4,230 on Saturday, remaining over 3,000 for four days in a row.

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