Delhi government begins preparation for decomposer to prevent stubble burning

The Delhi government has started preparing to spray the bio-decomposer on farmland to prevent stubble burning, said Environment Minister Gopal Rai.

Rai said the decomposer will be sprayed free of cost on all basmati and non-basmati paddy fields in Delhi.

The agriculture department has been tasked with getting the farmers to fill out forms to get the decomposer sprayed, according to a communication from Rai’s office.

The forms will collect details on the extent of land to be sprayed, the time of harvest and the date for spraying.

A training program on the decomposer is likely to be held at the Delhi Secretariat Saturday along with officials of the Development Department and Revenue Department, and the representatives from the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI).

Rai said a helpline number is also likely to be made available for the farmers, adding an awareness campaign will be held among the farmers on the bio-decomposer.

“The problem in front of the farmers is that the time interval between the harvesting of paddy crops and sowing of wheat is short,” Rai said.

“Therefore, the Delhi government has started preparing for this work in time so that there is no delay in the whole exercise and the farmers can get better results,” he added.

The bio-decomposer, developed by the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, was sprayed in fields in Delhi for the first time in 2020 when around 2,000 acres of land was covered.

The decomposer is expected to help decompose the paddy stubble after the crop is harvested. The microbes present in the solution that is sprayed aid decomposition and the compost that is left over can be mixed with the soil.

Last year, the Delhi government had received applications for spraying of the decomposer on around 4,300 acres of paddy fields in Delhi.

While the decomposer was sprayed only on non-basmati fields in 2020, both basmati and non-basmati fields were covered the next year.

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