Delhi University’s first-year UG classes begins today

The classes for the newly admitted first-year students to Delhi University’s undergraduate colleges began Wednesday, even as the second round of admission process is underway.

This will be the first batch of students who will be following the new four-year Undergraduate Curriculum Framework (UGCF), which gives students the flexibility of making use of all the optional courses on offer.

For the purpose of implementing UGCF the university has grouped its colleges into five clusters.

Under the UGCF, students in each of their first four semesters will have to choose one course from a pool of 43 Skill Enhancement Courses (SECs) and 24 Value Addition Courses (VACs). There is another set of courses called Ability Enhancement Courses (AECs) where the students will have to alternate between one semester of Environment Studies and another in which they can choose one among the 22 languages in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution.

The cluster colleges — each with a nodal college — are aimed to function as ‘knowledge networks’ to facilitate the implementation of these electives.

“With a view to providing such flexibility, it is imperative for colleges and departments imparting UG programmes to provide several options or choices to the students. However, the range of choices of courses that may be offered by a college largely depends upon the availability of faculties to teach such courses as well as other attendant infrastructural and functional requirements,” said Delhi University Registrar Vikas Gupta.

Colleges shall share their resources, to the extent possible, with other colleges located in their vicinity, to provide more choices to students and overcome the resource constraints or limitations at the end of each college, Gupta said.

According to the academic calendar released by the university, there will be no break between semesters all year. The first semester will end on March 19 and the second semester will begin on March 20.

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