‘Dog’s dream turns into a nightmare’: Rhino gently pokes sleeping canine

Any living being getting nudged by a hefty animal like a rhino will be awakened rudely, especially if they are in a deep slumber. A street dog in Nepal experienced something similar when its sleep was interrupted by a rhino.

A video showing the ‘interaction’ between the dog and the rhino is going viral on Twitter. The undated video, shared online by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, shows the rhino walking on side of the road near a residential area. The rhino then nudges the sleeping dog laying on its path. The dog wakes up and sprints away as it notices the interrupter to be a rhino.

While sharing this video, Nanda wrote, “If you wanted any proof that the Rhinos are really gentle ”.

This video was reportedly taken in Nepal near the Chitwan National Park region which has a rising rhino population.


Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “Strangely, the dog couldn’t feel the ground shaking or the foot steps or the strange smell of the rhino. Looks like the dog was tired and fast asleep.”

Another person commented on the video, “I’m sure it’s been said but this is the semi tame young rhino that roams around Chitwan in Nepal. He was abandoned as a baby and looked after by some local soldiers so he likes to just wander around and take naps in gardens etc. He’s lovely!”.

It is interesting to note that pachyderms like rhinos and elephants have very nimble feet.

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