Ensure direct teaching-learning workload of permanent staff adheres to UGC norms, DU writes to dept heads

Delhi University has written to the heads of all departments to ensure that the direct teaching-learning workload of all permanent faculty members adheres to the University Grants Commission (UGC) norms.

In a letter dated June 16, the Assistant Registrar (Estab. Teaching) also asked the departments to make sure that the requirement for an ad hoc or guest faculty must be supported by the timetable and teaching-learning workload of permanent faculty members. This was done as allegedly many permanent teachers asked Ad hoc or guest faculty to take their classes.

“As per provisions of clause 15 of the UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and Other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education, 2018, the workload of teachers has been defined which also includes the number of hours to be allocated to direct teaching-learning process,” the letter read.

“All the permanent faculty members in your department/centre must ensure that their direct teaching-learning workload shall be in accordance with the above provisions. Further, any requirement for ad hoc/guest faculty must be supported by a timetable, teaching-learning workload of permanent faculty members and a certificate stating that the required hours for direct teaching-learning are met in respect of all the permanent faculty members,” it read.

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According to the UGC norms, the workload of teachers in full employment should not be less than forty hours a week for thirty working weeks in an academic year, and the teacher must be available for at least five hours daily in the university/college.

“As per Clause 15, Professors and Associate Professors need to give 14 hours of direct teaching per week, whereas for Assistant Professors the requirement is 16 hours. We got the workload requirement from various departments and found that these direct teaching hours were not being met. So we have asked them all to rectify,” said Registrar Vikas Gupta.

Academic Council member Naveen Gaur said it was a good move and should also be extended to colleges. “There is a brazen violation of the workload in departments. There are many professors and faculty members who are not teaching as per the stipulated workload. This audit was bound to happen at some time and I think it should also happen in colleges,” he said.

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