‘Father of the year’: Man immersed in game, manages to keep kid occupied on phone

Watching live sports can often mean being bewitched by the twists and turns of the match. In such a situation, taking care of a young kid can be a challenging experience. However, a recent video that is going viral across social media shows how it can be done.

The undated video posted online by Twitter user Joga Bonito (@ufcfooty) shows a man standing in a packed stadium and being fully immersed in the game. He is seen holding an apple in one hand, while he puts his other hand at his back and holds a mobile phone for a young child sitting next to him. The child drinks from a sippy while watching a cartoon video playing on the mobile.

The eight-second video that captures this unique balance of watching the game and babysitting has gathered over 4.6 million views. Commenting on it, a Twitter user wrote: “Father of the year 🤣🤣.” Another person remarked, “So cute.”

This is not the only time a video showing the amazing multitasking skills of parents during public events has gone viral. In April this year, a video that showed a man managing a one-hand catch at a baseball game while bottle-feeding his baby went viral. The stunning moment was captured when the ball flew into the stands as the Cincinnati Reds played against the San Diego Padres in a Major League Baseball (MLB) game in the US’s Cincinnati.

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