Forest officials rescue leopard from open well in Maharashtra. Watch video

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda has shared a clip showing the rescue of a male leopard, which fell into an open well in Maharashtra, as well as a word of caution

The clip shows the leopard inside an enclosed cage being lifted from the well. The cage is tied to ropes and officials are seen lifting it as the distressed big cat inside it growls furiously.

Nanda also cautioned people to cover open wells to prevent wild animals from dangerous situations. “Forest staff rescuing a male leopard from an open well in Maharashtra. Please cover open wells to avoid such trauma for the wild animals. Spread the wa(o)rd,” Nanda captioned the clip.

Watch the video here:

The undated video shared on Sunday has amassed more than 13,000 views on Twitter. Many users praised the forest department officials for rescuing the big cat. “Nice job by forest department staff. Kudos. We should start educating the people about closing open wells or fencing it.” Another user wrote, “Great work…..a true human is who cares for animals too.”

However, a user said that 90 per cent of farmers in the state cannot afford to cover wells. “90% of farmers in Maharashtra are marginal their income is not enough to feed themselves, how can they afford expenditure for covering open wells? Govt have to expand subsidy for covering of wells,” the user wrote.

In a similar incident, a leopard had fallen into a 45-feet-deep well in Junnar in Maharashtra’s Pune. Wildlife SOS shared a clip of the rescue operation last week. Initially, a cot was lowered into the well and the leopard remained on top of it and later cage was put inside. After the leopard jumped inside the cage, it was released into the wild after a few hours of observation.

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