Gujarat ex-Dy CM injured after cow runs through rally crowd

Former Deputy Chief Minister and BJP MLA Nitin Patel suffered minor hairline fracture on his left knee during a Har Ghar Tiranga Yatra after a stray cow ran through the rally in Mehsana’s Kadi Saturday.

According to a district health official, Patel was taken to the privately-run Bhagyoday Hospital in Kadi, which is also his constituency and was discharged following primary care.

Videos of the incident, which surfaced on social media, show a cow running through the rally causing few persons, including Patel, to tumble and fall down.

A block-level health official said, “The rally was passing through the market area when a cow ran through the crowd. The fall has caused a minor hairline fracture on his left knee plate but he was discharged after primary care. Healing of the injury will primarily require rest.”

Speaking to mediapersons after being discharged, Patel said, “I was at the rally and a cow came running making people run helter-skelter in the rally and I fell, along with two three other people. The weight (of fallen people) came on me. Workers around me and police personnel immediately gave me cover.” He suffered a minor fracture in his left leg during the incident, the BJP leader said.

“A Tiranga Yatra had been organised at Kadi where nearly 2,000 people participated. It had completed almost 70 percent of the distance and reached a vegetable market when a cow suddenly came running,” Patel said.
The former deputy chief minister has been advised rest for nearly three weeks.

Minister for Road Transport and Pilgrimage Purnesh Modi said: “It was an accident and we are saddened by it. Stray cattle and cows are different issues and should not be twisted. We have brought an Act to control stray cattle and we should all work for its implementation.”

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