Gurgaon: Chintels Paradiso residents say their flats aren’t being valued correctly

Days after the Gurgaon district magistrate passed an order directing the developer of Chintels Paradiso society in sector 109 to permanently close the society’s tower D so the process of its demolition can begin, residents met the deputy commissioner on Friday to discuss the process of resettlement and compensation.

In february this year, two people had died when a portion of a sixth floor apartment in tower D collapsed all the way to the first floor.

Earlier this week, Gurgaon deputy commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav had said that based on recommendations of a report by IIT Delhi and an enquiry by the district administration committee, the tower with 17 floors and 64 flats had been deemed unsafe for habitation, and that it was not technically and economically feasible to repair it. He added that two more towers – E and F – where one of the balconies had sagged and distress in the floor of flats was reported, would be vacated.

Residents on Friday flagged errors in the value of flats estimated by independent evaluators appointed by the district administration committee.

Rakesh Hooda, president of the residents welfare association, said, “We want the builder to reconstruct the towers which have been affected and pay the rent till the process is complete. Another concern is regarding the settlement of claims of flat owners. The methodology of the estimates of flats by independent evaluators is incorrect and based on depreciated replacement cost, while property rates have appreciated. Since we purchased the flats a decade ago, the property rates have almost doubled. For determining the compensation for the flats, the evaluators have made an assessment based only on the registry, while stamp duty, IDC and EDC, overhead expenses and expenditure on electricity supply should also be included in the calculation. The settlement cost needs to reflect the current market value of plots in the area.”

He added that the evaluation should be re-examined from a reputable agency.

The deputy commissioner, Yadav, said a meeting was held with residents of the society and representatives of the developer to discuss the process of resettlement of residents of tower D and issues related to vacating residents of towers E and F and their subsequent resettlement.

“Residents have pointed out certain errors in the methodology of estimates provided by independent evaluators. We will re-examine them. The structural audit report of E and F towers will come in a few days. We have passed orders for vacating these two towers within 30 days. IIT’s report has also said that the remaining towers should be vacated until the investigation was complete on grounds of safety and we have conveyed to the residents to be mentally prepared to vacate all the towers. Directions have been given to the developer to settle the dues/liabilities of the allottees/flat owners of tower D within 60 days,” said Yadav.

He said the district town planner (enforcement) has issued directions to the developer to submit a timeline to vacate towers E and F in the next four days.

On action against the developer, he said, “We have submitted the IIT report and the enquiry report of ADC’s committee to the police for further probe. The police probe had been pending due to these reports. We hope the police will take action soon.”

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