How Radiance Is The Best Skin Care Clinic And Dr. Rakhavi Midhun Is The Best Dermatologist Who Is Changing The Skincare Game In Tiruchirapalli

Meet the Dr. Rakhavi Midhun – MD DVL, co-founder of Radiance Skin Hair and Laser hospital.

While interacting in an interview in few questions Dr. Rakhavi Midhun tells about her experiences.

With your commendable efforts as a dermatologist, do you identify more as a doctor or a businesswoman, and why?

As a student of medicine and having your own hospital you can be both. It doesn’t matter whether I identify myself as a doctor or a businesswoman neither guarantees you success just by being in it each profession requires a positive vibrating mindset, good intellect, and hard work to excel, there are many entrepreneurs who save lives through their foundations just like doctors none of the profession is noble by itself it’s the people who practice makes it noble. Irrespective of the profession we all have a social responsibility and also every right to fulfil our monetary needs. I feel for a doctor there should always be a balance between both. One must know when to think as a doctor and as an entrepreneur because at the end of the day humanity should always win.

What are the challenges you and your partner faced as an entrepreneur, who are first-time entrepreneurs and a doctor?

We had a lot of questions about setting up a cosmetology clinic in a city like Trichy where people have very little awareness about the subject. But we were determined to provide world-class services at affordable prices to our patients. There were many challenges including bringing the patient in, finding the right software, finding the right advertisement platform, and also selecting the team members. Driven by passion and commitment we were able to address all our challenges, learning new things each day and keep the hospital running in a healthy manner.

What we knew about Dr. Rakhavi through her reviews and previous patients’ info is that patients want genuine medical care from a dermatologist, someone who knows how to properly diagnose and treat their skin conditions. You should look for the following qualities in the doctor you choose:

The dermatologist is not just a skilled consultant but also educates their patients about the science behind dermatology:

Whether you are looking for a specialist to treat your skin rash or acne or are planning to undergo a skin treatment for looking younger, going to a skin specialist is the answer, and “dermatologists” is the name that comes to mind when anyone asks you about a skin specialist. And in many cases, people use skin specialists and dermatologists interchangeably. But in reality, there is much more to skin specialists than just being a dermatologist

There are different types of dermatologists out there. There are those that focus more on the basics of dermatology, such as rashes and rosacea, then there are cosmetic dermatologists who combine the medical side of the practice with aesthetics. If your main concern is aging, you may want to focus your search more on a cosmetic dermatologist who can deliver treatments that address issues such as skin laxity, wrinkles, and volume loss.

  • The doctor advocates for their patients’ needs.
  • The doctor takes their patients’ concerns seriously.
  • The doctor is open and tells patients about numerous treatment options available to them and works with them to determine which is best for them.

Dr. Rakhavi Midhun currently a renowned cosmetic dermatologist currently at Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu inspires confidence through medical beauty. A dermatologist by training and an entrepreneur at heart, she is the co-founder of Radiance Skin Hair & Laser Clinic. She is an outgoing gold medallist in the field of dermatology, venerology, and leprosy from the prestigious JIPMER, Puducherry. She has delivered major lectures and won numerous prestigious awards, including an award for “Women of the Future” in Sep 2022 by the All-India Women’s Welfare Association. She provides guidance in acne treatment, hair loss treatment, skin allergies, and many more with the latest medical technologies & machines.

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