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Imlie 27th May 2022 Written Update: Imli Written Update

Today’s Imlie 27th May 2022 episode starts with the family worrying after hearing the negative tone in the doctor’s voice and questioning her if Imlie’s fine.

The doctor says that Imlie is okay.

Before the doctor can speak further, Imlie interrupts her and asks if her baby is fine.

However, the doctor looks at her solemnly and tells her that she has had a miscarriage due to the fall.

The family stands in shock as Imlie stops functioning.

The doctor tells Imlie that she has another thing to say and informs the family that Imlie might never become a mother in the future as the fall had injured Imlie’s uterus badly.

Jyoti smiles thinking that this is much better than what she has planned and imagines that Narmada will become bitter with Imlie for not being able to give the family an heir.

What new journey will this shocking news lead Imlie and Aryan to?

How will Narmada and the rest of the family behave with Imlie knowing that she can’t give the Rathore family an heir?

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