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Union education and Skills Development Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Saturday hinted that the National Council of Education and Training (NCERT) is expected to soon incorporate Yoga into its education curriculum.

Dharmendra Pradhan, who was speaking at the National Yoga Olympiad – 2022 in the United States, started his National Education Policy 2020 lays particular emphasis on the physical and emotional health of teachers and students alike.

The integration of sports-related learning can instill an athletic spirit in students and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle as an approach, he said. Pradhan said Yoga is an integral component of wellness, health, and physical education.

“While we are working on formulating the NCF we should prioritize yoga through ECCE through the 12th grade. He also suggested that NCERT organize yoga olympiads at the school district, block, district, and state levels.” the NCERT director said.

He said that the involvement of students from every block will help further the tradition of yoga. It will also assist to make yoga an everyday practice.

The National Yoga Olympiad is being organized jointly with both the Ministry of Education and the National Council of Educational Research and Training beginning on June 18th until June 20th the year 2022.

In the coming year, about 600 participants from the 26 states/UTs as well as Demonstration Multipurpose Schools of Regional Institutions of Education will participate in the coming National Yoga Olympiad. Pradhan declared that yoga has assisted humanity by alleviating suffering and strengthening resilience, particularly in the post-Covid age.

It is the International Day of Yoga, often referred to by the name of International Yoga Day, celebrated throughout the world each year on June 21 from 2015. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness about the benefits of yoga to overall health and wellbeing.

Additionally, Madhya Pradesh could soon be among the states that have decided to include the Bhagavad Gita as a part of the academic curriculum of their colleges or schools. Madhya Pradesh’s government has been said to be contemplating the possibility of introducing Bhagavad Gita in the form of an elective course for students in the second year in 1,360 colleges beginning in the beginning of the next school year.

An official from Madhya Pradesh’s Higher Education department’s curriculum committee has told Hindustan Times that the subject will not only include shlokas and their translations, but also instances of people who have benefited from acquainting themselves with the teachings in the Gita. The official also said that the courses are designed to help “students mentally strong”.



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