Top 10 best reality shows India in 2020 and 2021

Top 10 best reality shows India has ever produced

India has rarely produced a reality show with self-thinking. Most of what we see is already broadcast elsewhere. However, Indian reality shows have come a long way by injecting some new ideas and giving that desi touch. Some that I find valuable:

Reality shows are shows that are based on real events without unscripted stories. While Indian viewers are interested in TV soaps, the excitement of the show is increasing in terms of reality shows.

Indian viewers love watching reality shows and in general, the TRPs of these reality shows are always higher than other TV shows.


Bigg Boss


Season after season, your TRP is increasing. And with someone like Salman Khan as the host, the show will last forever.

Bigg Boss is a popular reality show based on the concept of Big Brother. The show features the participation of famous celebrities. Celebrities / prisoners stay at the Bigg Boss Home under the surveillance of 24 * 7 cameras. Every week, the house faces eviction, and Bigg Boss becomes the winner of the last inmate to survive in the house.


Another type of home is created for the show without a telephone, TV and internet connection. The lives of the prisoners spread around the other prisoners. There are many competitions going on among the prisoners. The shows cause a lot of controversy each year for a number of reasons. The winner of the show will receive a beautiful sum


Top 10 best reality shows India



MTV Roadies


Last season where the concept was new, the show made it a tough competitor. However, people still like it.

MTV Roadies is a reality show aired on MTV. The show is very popular among young people in India. The participants of this show face difficult challenges every day. Their journey begins at one point and ends at another. Each trip provides new competition and emigration.

The competition and the challenges faced by the participants are not easy at all. Participants are selected through group discussion and personal interview. Roadies interviews are very popular online.


MTV Roadies


MTV Splitsvilla


Comes with Roadies in one package. Packed with hot boys and hot girls, the show knows how to make people fall in love.

MTV SplitSville is a reality show based on meetings between men and women. In this play many boys and girls do the tasks assigned to them. The work that boys and girls do is basically done by a couple or his / her partner. A boy and a girl throw a king and a queen, winning jobs. Sometimes the bond between couples becomes so strong that they fall in love with each other.

The theme of the show is based on meetings and finding love in the villa. The girl and the boy who lose the task throw (delete) the king and queen respectively. The last couple left survived the show.


Top 10 best reality shows India


Khatron ke Khiladi


Nobody is better than our own player, Akshay Kumar. The show seems to have lost its touch, but in its early days, it topped TRP’s chart.

Khatron Ke Khiladi is an Indian drama presented as the American show The Truth Measure. The nominees did a lot of hard work to survive in the show. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; The participants are Indian actors. The latest true story first is Jiggar Pe The Beat


Top 10 best reality shows India



Indian Idol


People like to sing music, people like to listen to music. This show knows how to distribute it.

Indian Idol is a musical reality in India with the concept of American Idol. Candidates for the show also sang a song in their singing talent show. Choose a few candidates from different cities to perform live on the panel of judges.

The singing contestants were chosen by the audience as well as the judges. The winner is not only a good amount of money, but Hector will get a good opportunity to create his own music album.


Top 10 best reality shows India



India’s Got Talent


Like the Indian Idol, the show features a lot of participation from people across the country, making it a popular success. Talent of India is a talent-based reality show. This idea is derived from Wind Talent of America. The judges select the contestants through auditions held in different cities. The judges eventually select the cast on the show.

Although the show has several judges eliminated, in the final round, viewers cast a vote for eligible contestants. The winners of the show will be given a handsome amount.


Top 10 best reality shows India


Kaun Banega Crorepati


Amitabh Bachchan. It speaks for itself. Kanne Banega Crorepati is a money making quiz show hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. The show is one of the most informative TV shows in India and is popular all over the world. The idea for the show was taken from a UK-based show that wants to become a millionaire.

Admission to the show is possible by phone and online registration. Each episode introduces 10 new contestants who play the “fast finger first” to reach the hot seat to play the quiz show. Competitors get help from some lifespans. The winner of this show has won at least 10 million awards every season.


Top 10 best reality shows India



Jalak Dikhla Jaa


It has a completely different story. People didn’t like it in previous seasons. But now it is gaining popularity as the contestants perform death defying stunts and Madhuri Dixit divides them. Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is again a dance reality show very famous in India. Contestants perform on previously recorded songs and try to give their best. JDJ has brought outstanding dancers to the world. Participants are seen by both the judging panel and the audience. The contestants are usually famous romantic couples chosen by the producers.


Top 10 best reality shows India



Master‌Chef India


By making cooking fun with fun jobs and competitions, this show cooks a good dish for the common people. A MasterChef India chef is unlikely to be able to meet MasterChef Australia standards any time soon. This is obviously due to the huge differences in the way Indian cuisine and restaurants are compared to others around the world. This is not because the cuisine lacks flavor (as other Indian restaurants confirm) or because Indian cooks lack capacity, but because we still have to innovate and be creative. The reason is that there is a very small group of people who are willing to experiment with food and pay a large amount for food.


Top 10 best reality shows India



The Kapil Sharma Show 


The Kapila Sharma Show is an Indian stand-up comedy and Hindi talk show aired by Sony Entertainment Television. The first season of the show, hosted by Kapil Sharma, premiered on 23 April 2016. The series revolved around the Shantivan Non-Cooperative Housing Society of Kapil Sharma and his neighbors. The show was shot at Film City in Goregaon East, Mumbai. The first season of the show was produced by K6 Films production house Kapila Sharma in collaboration with Frames Productions, and the second season was hosted by Salman Khan Television and Banjay Asia with K6 Films and TAAMA Made together. As creative producers (Triamb Entertainment & Media).  The show aired on 30 January 2021.


Top 10 best reality shows India



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