All about Oscar award nominations and winners from India till this year 2021

All about Oscar award nominations and winners from India till this year 2021


What is Oscar

All about Oscars -Academy Awards


The official  award ceremony in honor of the best film performance of the past year is the Oscar, also known as the Academy awards. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences oversees the Oscar nominations and voting procedures for the event. The Academy, with over 6,000 members, is a professional honorary society of people involved in all aspects of filmmaking.

There are currently 24 categories of awards on display during the ceremony, with several Oscars awarded for other outstanding achievements ahead of the official ceremony. Top Oscars include Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Costumes, Music for Best Supporting Actor, Best Visual Effects etc.

All about Oscars


How does it work

It is the sound that determines which films, directors, actors, etc. will be nominated for an Oscar. This process is very long and complicated, with more than 8,000 cast members and more than 100 films, directors, actors, etc.

It is important to have the right to be appointed. It also includes strict procedures and special instructions to follow. Most films also have the right to compete. Many films from India have entered the Oscar this year. Here are some of the most promising films of the year.

Nominations from India


Many Indian celebrities and films have won Oscars (also known as Oscars) in various categories. As of 2021, 13 Indians have been nominated and eight have won Oscars, including in the science and technology categories.


India’s encounter with the Oscars, also known as the Oscars, began when India’s mother Mehbub Khan was officially nominated for Best Foreign Language Film in 1957. Since then, films like Lagan and Salam Bombay have also been nominated for Best Foreign Language Film. Although no Indian film has won an Oscar, there are certainly individuals who have inspired India. Songwriter Banu Ataya is songwriter A.R. Rahman, very few Indians have received the Oscar statue at home.


All about Oscars


Successes so far :


1. Best Costume Design – Bhanu Athaiya


All about Oscars -Bhanu Athaiya

2. Honorary Award- Satyajit Ray


All about Oscars -Satyajit Ray

3. Best Sound Mixing – Resul Pookutty

All about Oscars-Resul Pookutty

All about Oscars

4. Best Original Score and Best Original Song- A.R. Rahman

All about Oscars -AR Rahman

5. Best Original Song: Gulzar


All about Oscars-Gulzar

All about Oscars


Fun Facts about Oscar


  • Walt Disney won more Academy Awards than any other person, with 26 Oscars (22 for his films and 4 honorary awards).

  • Edith Head won more Academy Awards than any other woman, with 8 Oscars (all for Costume Design).

  • Katharine Hepburn won more Academy Awards than any other actor/actress, with 4 Oscars.

  • Meryl Streep has been nominated for more Academy Awards than any other actor/actress, with 17 nominations (she’s won 3 times).

  • Only three films have ever won all five of the most coveted awards — Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, and Screenplay (adapted or original): It Happened One Night from 1934, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest from 1975, and The Silence of the Lambs from 1991.

  • Tatum O’Neal is the youngest person to win an Oscar — she was 10 when she won for Paper Moon (1973).

  • Christopher Plummer is the oldest person to win an acting award — he was 82 when he won for Beginners (2010).

  • James Dean is the only person to be nominated for two posthumous Academy Awards, for East of Eden (1956) and Giant (1957).

  • Beatrice Straight holds the record for winning an acting award for the shortest role — in 1975’s Network, she was on screen for 5:40 minutes.

  • Woody Allen has been nominated for 21 Academy Awards, but he’s only attended the ceremony once (in a year he wasn’t nominated).

  • No one really knows how The Oscars got its name. One story is that an Academy librarian saw one of the first statuettes and exclaimed “it looks just like my Uncle Oscar!” Another story is that Bette Davis named it after her ex-husband, Harmon Oscar Nelson, Jr.

All about Oscars

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