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Kritika stops Prithvi explaining he’s actually actually a pleasant particular person, she explains he is aware of they’ve the cell but he nonetheless didn’t ask for her movies however she is aware of he will be unable to see them as a husband, Prithvi thinks that he doesnot take care of her movies however solely needs to delete his photograph, she reveals that they’ve even cracked the lock however there’s nonetheless a lock on the gallery which they haven’t been capable of, Prithvi instantly asks her to present him the cell as a result of he has good friend who is absolutely intelligent and may absolutely assist them, Kritika says she doesnot have the cell as Preeta has it, she has now gone to fulfill Karan, Prithvi asks her to present him the cell when Preeta comes again as a result of he would have the ability to assist them, Kritika is absolutely glad that he has stood by her even after realizing the reality behind her previous, she is absolutely glad then Prithvi hugging her explains that she just isn’t mad in any respect as a result of Kritika is the one one has in his life and seeks permission to attend the lavatory.

Sameer is standing when Mahesh comes, Sameer helps him sit, Shristhi comes calling out to Sameer not realizing that Mahesh and Rakhi are with them, She apologizes when Mahesh says there’s nothing to fret about as a result of all of them know she has come to speak about Akshay’s cell, Shristhi explains that the reality is they didn’t discover the cell however as a substitute stole it, Mahesh is shocked after they clarify that they stole it from Megha’s home as a result of she had it, Mahesh is shocked to know that the police weren’t capable of finding it, Shristhi reveals additionally they got here to find out about it when Preeta was referred to as to signal some authorized paperwork, they ask about Preeta, Shristhi, Sameer reply she has went to the police station, Mahesh thinks she may need gone handy the proof to the police however they are saying she went to fulfill Karan, Rakhi instantly begins explaining how they need to give them each a while as they’re husband and spouse, Mahesh stops her saying there isn’t a want, Shristhi explains she is absolutely glad they each are the in legal guidelines of Preeta as they’re the most effective Father and Mom in legislation, Rakhi questions that since she is bound they’re the most effective in legal guidelines so would she be eager about turning into the spouse of her youngest son Sameer who continues to be a bachelor, Shristhi will get tensed so leaves making an excuse of calling Sarla, Rakhi turns to Sameer who additionally runs inside, Mahesh asks why did she need to scare the youngsters.

Sherlin is ready in her room, Prithvi enters however she pushes him saying he should depart the room, Prithvi calls for the explanation, and he or she replies she has to do every little thing by herself as a result of he has bought the golden trunk Kritika so why does he have to fret and he’ll marry her attaining your entire wealth so what would don’t have anything to care about even when she dies, Prithvi scolds her saying there isn’t a want for her to speak in such a way however then says he wouldn’t struggle along with her as a result of she is pregnant and the hormones change, Prithvi reveals that the explanation they have been capable of get the knowledge was due to the way in which he acts with Kritika they usually know the cell doesnot have a battery giving them lots of time, Sherlin mentions he should not be so good as a result of he’ll go and get the cell right now from Preeta’s room, Prithvi nevertheless even refuses to think about going into the room as a result of he’s not afraid from anybody besides Preeta so can not go into her room, he leaves which irritates Sherlin, Mahira enters asking if she wants her assist as a result of she talked about that Prithvi is absolutely egocentric as he didn’t care that she is doing all of this due to him, Sherlin thinks that Mahira doesnot know the cell has an enormous proof in opposition to her, she agrees to permit Mahira. Pammi standing outdoors the room wonders what are the as much as so decides to search out out and preserve a powerful eye on them.

Shristhi reveals lately everybody has similar mobiles similar to Prithvi and Mahira however why does Akshay have such an outdated mannequin, Preeta doesnot care nevertheless explains she is drained so will go and clean up, Shristhi additionally decides to enter the kitchen and eat one thing whereas additionally put together tea for her, She advises Preeta to lock the door, Mahira listens to their dialog so calls Sherlin explaining Preeta has returned to allow them to steal the cell nevertheless there’s a drawback as she has locked the room, Sherlin reveals they must do something to realize the cell however she’s going to disguise herself as a person and he or she must also grow to be the garments of a boy so nobody suspects them. Pammi comes again into the lounge pondering she should discover the reality about them.
Prithvi is absolutely stressed in his room, he wonders what the trigger is so decides to get the cell pondering of what would occur in the event that they have been capable of unlock it and discover the reality about him, he decides to get the cell right now and hand it to Sherlin, so she can also be capable of belief him as soon as once more.

Mahira is ready for Sherlin questioning the place she has gone, Sherlin comes disguised as a boy, Mahira is absolutely impressed however asks what she would do about her face, Sherlin replies that she doesnot overlook so has introduced the face masks, Sherlin enters the room utilizing the again window whereas Mahira is ready outdoors for her she just isn’t capable of finding the cell first then asks Mahira about it, she factors her in the direction of it, Pammi comes calling to Sherlin, they each get nervous, Pammi sees Mahira she questions her about Shelrin however Mahira is surprised, Sherlin decides to shut the window as a result of if Pammi sees her contained in the room then would begin questioning her, she manages to secretly shut the window and begin her search as soon as once more, Mahira breathes a sigh of reduction, seeing which Pammi questions what’s the cause and he or she is likely to be saved however Mahira explains she has a respiratory drawback so got here to the again corridor, she advises Pammi to go and examine for Sherlin in her room nevertheless Pammi replies that she just isn’t there which is why she is trying to find her.

Sherlin is ready to take the cell when she hears Preeta popping out of the lavatory which worries her, she thinks she is likely to be caught.

Precap: Shristhi says that if all of the home windows of the room are closed then this implies the thief continues to be contained in the room and has stolen the cell, Preeta is about to carry the curtain behind which Sherlin is hiding, she is absolutely nervous about what would occur to her.

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