Love is everywhere (Will they meet?) Episode 2 – Weezersongs

hey guys as I pst my ff yesterday 7 and when as we speak morning after I come verify what number of feedback their have been solely 8 and my goal was solely 10 so ya it little however I’ve additionally remark so then it comes 10 . Guys plz inform ought to I give precap or not and guys riansh 1212 wrote in her ff give vacation to all of the sooner or later so if u all agree let me know within the feedback .let’s cease bakwas and begin . The recap ( ridhima drops youngsters faculty and vansh angriness) 

Episode begin

After listening to our chipkali means ahana phrase was received very a lot indignant and stated

Vansh : I assume I didn’t give u the permission to speak in between

Ahana : mrs vrs doesn’t want permission

( itna haak maat jama nehi you ghar se  bahar Jane is ticket de dega vansh 🤣🤣)

Vansh : ahh mrs vrs not FAKE  MRS VRS so simply get out or else you understand mrs faux vrs  what can vansh ray singhania can do

(Hogayi bezati 🤣🤣)

Ahana was very indignant however with out uttering any phrase she went awaya from their she went to check room and thought

Ahana thoughts : simply wait and watch Mr vr vr simply wait until get your property then am present you who faux or who’s actual I cannot spare you

Ahana smirk

Scene freezes

In London

Ridhima got here to the college and ridhima and the youngsters will get down

Rivan says : thanks sweetheart and ya earlier than you say I’ll care for this 4 and me too and after coming residence we’d like our chocolate caramel milkshake .

Ridhima stated with a smile : Mr good-looking due you that your sweetheart by no means takes her phrase again and I do know my good-looking hunk may be very honest

Be aware ( in 4 of the youngsters Rivan is the largely matured and fearless )

Riva : jaan don’t fear will take care and now we’re getting late as I and Rivan must drop tanu ridhwik and vanya to their courses

Ridhima : seems to be like my web queen is being accountable stated by holding his noes

Tanu : riddhu we’re getting late in must go to my class

Ridhima stated : okay my cutie pie

Ridhima hugged all the youngsters and youngsters stated : byee and went to high school

Then ridhima waves the hand by signing bye and sat in her Lamborghini and went to is workplace

Ridhima got here to a giant constructing and a emblem was given their in large daring letter       R.S ENTERPRISES ridhima got here out of the Lamborghini in a dashing and angle means and throw the important thing  of the Lamborghini to safety guard and say

Ridhima : park them and I hope sejal is within the workplace

Safety guard : sure I’ll park and madam is within the workplace

Ridhima nodded within the entered into the workplace all of the employes wished her and ridhima stated earlier than enterining her cabin

Ridhima : good morning do for correctly as I hate delay exsuse and keep in mind RS enterprises for whom who doesn’t does any mistake and does every thing excellent and professionally now begin your work

All of the employes nodded and began their work in a silence means and ridhima entered the her cabin

Ridhima stated : so this 12 months the award of enterprise lady of their 12 months might be mine

Sejal stated : clearly from 4 12 months you’re the enterprise lady of the 12 months so am certain this 12 months black mamba will anounce your identify within the enterprise lady of the 12 months

Be aware : black mamba is the king of the underworld means black mamba is the top of the underworld now who’s the black mamba ase hello NAHI bataugi thora suspense hai as I need u die in suspense 🤣🤣🤣lekin marna maat nahi toh mera ff kon parega 🤣🤣😂😂.

Ridhima : let’s see so how is our firm doing

Sejal : our firm is doing nice in London , new zegeland and Paris Paris seh yaad aya Paris ek firm hame takar derahi ha A R enterprises however don’t fear will deal with it

Be aware : who the top of a r enterprise might be reveal within the 9 or 10 episode

Ridhima : attention-grabbing very attention-grabbing

( chalo vansh ke sath rehke kuch toh copy ki )

Ridhima : and different locations

Sejal : different locations like new York is doing effectively however ridhima in India

Ridhima : however what in India

Sejal : however in India vr firm is doing effectively however don’t fear will deal with however ridhima however what do you the place this 12 months black mamba will do mafia award perform as final 12 months many enterprise man and lady couldn’t arrive because of covid circumstances what do you suppose this 12 months the place it may very well be

Be aware :guys black mamba is the top of the underworld now who’s it should reveal later until then suspense suspense

Ridhima : don’t know as his considering is past our considering however let’s see what

After many speaking and finishing their work ridhima and sejal went residence for lunch

Ridhima and sejal arrived the place mahir bela and youngsters have been ready for them within the eating desk

Bela : lastly you two arrived go wash your hand and I’ll beginning seeing the dishes

Sejal : okay

Ridhima : bhabi wait I’ll go wash my hand and assist in serving

Bela : okay

Ridhima and sejal  got here after washing their and hand and served their meals to everybody to began consuming

Throughout consuming

Rivan : sweetheart u know from as we speak our trainer gave our summer season trip

Ridhima : so for what number of days

Rivan : sweetheart trainer stated it for one month however because of covid circumstances trainer gave it for two months

Ridhima : hmm okay so you’ll be able to play however after finishing your research as if I dosent inform you could be taking part in complete day am I proper or am I proper

(Ridhima Abhi copy cat ban gayi ha vansh ki 🤣🤣🤣 clearly the credit score goes to me )

Bela : haan ridhu you might be at all times proper or else these naughty group would play complete day

Vanya : darling  to ( ridhima) we might be bor staying two month in home so can we go for tour am I proper darling

Ridhima : that not a foul concept however the place we are able to go

Ridhwik : stunning we are able to go to India as you informed that you’ve made one other mansion their

Ridhima received little unhappy however then ridhima

Ridhima : hmm let me see we are able to

All the youngsters stated : please

Ridhima : okay I stated I’ll see now full your lunch and did u have accomplished your homework

All the youngsters stated : sure

Ridhima : that like my youngsters so Riva vanya tanu come to me we are going to observe dance and until that Rivan and ridhwik you go and play after Riva vanya tanu dance will full Riva and ridhwik you’ll come to me will observe basket ball and then you definitely 5 will observe your drawing then after that you are able to do what ever you need and seju be prepared I’ve to go to my band for the brand new music radha and bhabi tommorow I’ve observe with my dance group

(Guys the music radha is by Dhvani bhanushali )

Be aware : as I informed ridhu is a singer  dancer too so she  has a band too and a dance group too the identify of the dance group is rule breaker as i received the identify from the film road dancer 3d and singing band identify is we’re rockstar credit score by me )

After saying this they completed their lunch and vanya Riva tanu went for dance observe and Rivan ridhwik went for taking part in bela was scrolling her telephone and mahir went for workplace and sejal went to name vyom

In name

Sejal : how are u

Vyom : nice however lacking

Sejal: me too

Vyom : so when u are coming to satisfy me

Sejal : perhaps quickly

Vyom : how

Sejal : as ridhima buyed a mansion india and all the youngsters have gotten summer season trip for two months because of covid circumstances right here and youngsters desirous to go India however ridhima didn’t agreed

Vyom : okay however why didn’t until now ridhima agreed  as you stated that ridhima loves her youngsters and might do something for them

Sejal :it’s a protracted story and depart it however I hope we are going to meet quickly

Vyom : hope too however I’m rattling certain when u will come u will look extra stunning

Sejal blushes and say :tum bhi na okay chalo ab mujhe bela bhabi karni dinner ka kahna banane meh

Vyom : okay so byee I like

Sejal : I like you too

Scene freezes

In India

The scene difreeezes

Ahana gave an evil smirked and went

The scene shifts to vansh workplace

Vansh : how is are firm going

Angre : good boss in new York England is completed effectively however in London

Vansh : however what

Angre : however in London their is an organization referred to as R S ENTERPRISES a she is profitable the tittle of enterprise lady of the 12 months and in addition know because the London ki sherni

Vansh : attention-grabbing very attention-grabbing however who’s she

Angre : solely London individuals is aware of different individuals doesn’t seen however fear I’ll deal with however boss have you learnt on this 12 months black mamba will do mafia award perform as final 12 months we couldn’t go new York because of rises of covid circumstances

Vansh : hmm I don’t know the place black mamba will do however this 12 months I’ll attend it



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