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Disclaimer:If you’re hungry or don’t have any meals then hold your telephone or laptop computer or tab no matter apart and run in the direction of the kitchen. Eat one thing chupke chupke in any other case your mother gives you a pleasant lunch very quickly after which come again and begin studying the ff. It has few pics of meals so keep alert. 🚫⬇⬇. 

So let’s begin right this moment’s episode.. 

Chapter: 34…” Introduction to Chakrabortys “…

Scene 1:

Subsequent day everybody got here for breakfast.

Rid:Good morning guys!!

Everybody:Good morning riddhu.

Rid:So first let’s have our breakfast then we are going to speak one thing about my plan and about my household.

Tit:So what we could have in our breakfast?

Rid:At this time we could have easy bengali dishes. Luchi or puri, alur dum or alu ki sabji, sweets.

Van:Solely 3 objects however these 3 are bomb for breakfast🔥🔥.

Rid:Sure now have these bomb.

Ary:Wow!! So yummy!!

Ang:Sure yr so tasty and scrumptious.

Ish:I’m in love with this alu r dum.

Sej:I’m with the luchi.

Vik:And I’m in love with Sejal. 😂

Sejal chuckles.

Sia:Give me extra luchis.

All of them had their breakfast.

Scene 2:

Van:My abdomen is full. I can’t have water additionally
Zero area.

Ang:Similar right here. I’m feeling that my abdomen is saying take some relaxation now.

Sia:What are you aware leaving relaxation and meals?

Rid:Clearly about you Sia. 😂

Sia:Bhabi you additionally!!!

Vik:Cease quarelling. Now let’s meet with Chakrabortys.

Rid:Sure include me.

All of them adopted Riddhima.

They went in the direction of a room. Riddhima opened the door of the room. It was completely darkish. No window or ventilator was there solely a door.

Riddhima enters and swap on the sunshine. She didn’t want any gentle to look the swap board. It reveals that she is acquainted to this room.

When the lights are on everybody say that the room’s wall have been full of images and footage.

Riddhima went in the direction of a wall and begins to caresses the images. Her eyes have been moist with tears however she managed it by some means.

Ang:Who’re they bhabi?

Rid:They’re my household. This are all my households footage. This wall has my feelings, my love, my life, my every part. (Lump in her throat).

Vansh got here and offers her a facet hug to consolation her.

Rid:So let me introduce with them.

She factors to a photograph wherein a person in hugging two women.

Rid:He’s my dad, Sudip Chakraborty. And people two women are Me and Shweta. My dad is an ideal husband and an ideal dad. He was a M.L.A. He used to assist others rather a lot. He was an sincere politician. This make him an enemy for others.

Then she factors to a photograph the place a woman is standing.

Rid:She is my mother. She by no means had any complain in opposition to my dad or her kids. She all the time help my dad’s each resolution.

Rid (pointing to a different photograph): And he was my uncle. My father’s brother, Sandip Chakraborty. He was my dad’s proper hand. A loyal brother by no means seen earlier than.

Rid:And this particular person is Arjun. He’s additionally my dad’s proper hand. My dad and Arjun uncle have been associates from childhood. They have been greatest associates.

Then she went to the opposite wall. On this wall all the images had crimson marks in it. Somebody marked all of the faces with a crimson marker perhaps.

Rid:This are my enemies who took every part from me. I misplaced my household for these individuals. He’s Raghav Sharma, a sinner!! And these 3 males are is puppets. He does all his unlawful works by this males, Raj, Nikhil and Neel. Raj is a back-stabber, a traitor!! . He used to behave so candy however really he’s a snake!!

Vik:However what will likely be our subsequent transfer? What’s your plan?

Riddhima smiles in a evil method. Her eyes are telling that one thing lethal concepts are in her thoughts.
(Within the background Vansh’s evil bgm performs).

(Sorry yr Riddhu ki evil bgm nahi hai so Vansh ka bgm Riddhu ki bgm banadi😂😂 don’t get confuse. However the evil bgm is simply🔥🔥.)

Rid:I’ve an grasp plan. Tomorrow I and Vansh will acquired to satisfy with NNR. We are going to go there to speak a few deal. We are going to enter there as a enterprise vendor and can exit as demise for them.
(Vansh’s evil bgm performs.)

Van:It may be harmful!! They know our faces?

Rid:Nope. Raghav by no means gave our footage to NNR. I’ve all data. They don’t know us. And this will likely be our grasp stroke!!!

Vik:Then plan closing!! Mission NNR!!

All of them be a part of their arms.

Scene 3:

Rid:Now it’s for lunch time. And and we could have particular bengali lunch. We could have completely different dishes of fish.

Van:Bengali means Fish solely!!

Kab:Sure. Bangalir Macher er Jol bhaat. (Bengali’s Fish curry and rice. ).


Sia:Inform the menu.

Sej:Sure yr.

Ish:Serve the meals additionally.

Rid:Sure sure giving.

Kab:Do you keep in mind Ishani what number of luchis you had?

Vik:She ate 10 luchis!!!

Ang:And Vansh ate 20 luchis!!!

Van:They have been so small in measurement yr. 4 luchis are equal to 1 roti.

Kab:Then you definately ate 5 rotis.


Kab:Don’t you already know maths? 20 divide by 4.

Ang:Kabir you already know maths additionally?(sarcastically).

Kab:I used to be topper in maths. ( proudly ).

Rid:Topper from the final!!( laughing).

Kab:Wha do you imply?

Sej:It means final!! Fail!! You’re a failure !!

Ish:Chi!! Chi!! Maths Failure!!

Vik:Very dangerous Kabir. You have been mendacity. Dangerous manners!!

Kab:We could have our lunch now. Serve the meals.

Everybody chuckles besides Kabir.

Rid:We could have Rice with ghee. Particular hilsa fish for us.” Ilish macher sorse posto ” and “Betki macher paturi”.

Ghee rice
Sorse posto ilish
Bhetki paturi

Sej:Paturi is love yr.

All of them had their grand bengali lunch.

(Yr right this moment I’m so hungry seeing this fish dishes🤤🤤🤧🤧. Sach me yr paturi is love for bengalis. 🔥❤.).

Scene 4:

P.A:Sir Riddhima along with her associates and husband has got here to Kolkata.


P.A:Sure sir.

Rag:Organize our tickets for Kolkata. We are going to meet along with her there solely.

P.A:Okay sir. As you would like.

Sneak Peak: Rid:Raj your recreation is over. Now good bye. 


Riddhima and Vansh caught in a village. They made love. 


Riddhima meets with somebody in a forest.


Rid:I would like divorce from you Vansh!!! 

I cannot put up tomorrow so I gave a sneak peak. I’ll attempt to put up on day after tomorrow 😅😅. Do remark about todays episode. 

How Riddhima and Vansh caught in a village?

With whom she met in a forest?

Why she need divorce?

Need to know the anwers? Then keep tuned for subsequent episodes🔥🔥. 

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