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Ishq Sufiyana..Love is selfless.. Half 8

Thanks lots my expensive pal Rehana for making ArHana edits for me.Thanks my expensive pal Piyali for making Sahil Rhea edit for me.I dedicate this chapter to Sumathy for giving the identify SunIara for Sunny-Kiara.

Tanu and Nikhil tried to run away.Out of the blue two folks blocked their manner.

They have been shocked to see them.

They have been King and Aliya.

Abhi:King…Aliya…don’t allow them to go.You don’t know what they each did.

Abhi instructed every part to them.King and Aliya have been shocked. might be my finest pal.You might be with me.Proper?

Nikhil:King…you wished Kiara.Proper?You have been offended with Mehras for snatching Pragya and Kiara from you.We supported you.

King:Pragya was by no means mine.God made me discover my real love .My real love is Aliya.I really like Kiara as my very own daughter and I would like her to be pleased.For that you simply each have to be within the jail.

Tanu and Nikhil have been shocked. assist us.Proper?In spite of everything we’re finest associates.And Mehras didn’t assist your love for Purab.So that you hate them.Proper?

Aliya:You have been my finest pal and that was my largest mistake.I did lots of sins in my life.However now I’m a modified particular person.Purab was by no means mine.So I’m not offended with my circle of relatives for not supporting my mad love for Purab.My real love is King.King and I noticed that we’re meant for one another.And I can by no means assist you for what you probably did to my niece.

Aliya slapped Tanu stunning her.

Aryan:Wow..what a slap!

Ranbir:I feel chief’s(Abhi)slap was the very best.What do you assume Prachi?

Prachi:My papa and Maa’s slaps have been very highly effective.They deserved slaps from them for holding their daughter separate from them for years.I loved their slaps.

Shahana:I feel Aliya aunty slapping Tanu was the very best.As a result of Tanu deserved it from her finest pal.

Aryan:You might be proper.It was enjoyable to see each the very best associates combating.

Ranbir-Prachi:That’s proper.

Aryan and Shahana laughed.

Police got here and arrested Nikhil and Tanu.

Abhi:I’m pleased that lastly my sister stood for righteousness.

Aliya smiled: “Bhai!’

Abhi and Aliya hugged one another.

King requested Pragya:Pragya…I wish to see Kiara.

Pragya confirmed Kiara to King.

King checked out her emotionally.King was reminded of his second with little Kiara.

King:Kiara…I do know that you simply don’t bear in mind me.You used to think about me as your father determine.You may be at all times my daughter.

King caressed her.Kiara checked out him emotionally.

Sunny entered Kiara’s room and sat close to her.

Sunny:I’m pleased that we each are in the identical home.So I can see you each time I would like.

Kiara blushed.

Kiara:However Sunny…I’m unhappy that I can’t bear in mind my childhood with anybody of you.

Sunny:It’s okay Kiara.I’ll present you one thing.You may see your childhood moments.

He introduced a CD and performed it.

It confirmed Kiara taking part in with Abhi,Pragya,Purab,Disha and Sunny.

Kiara was deeply engrossed in it.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Abhi and Pragya got here there.They have been shocked to see tears in Kiara’s eyes.


Pragya:What occurred beta?

Kiara checked out Abhi,Pragya and Sunny tearfully.

Kiara:Now I bear in mind every part.

They have been stunned.

Pragya:You bear in mind every part?

Kiara smiled tearfully and hugged Abhi-Pragya.

Sunny smiled emotionally.

Kiara:Thanks Sunny.Due to you I may bear in mind my childhood.

Kiara and Sunny smiled at one another.


Mehra Mansion acquired embellished for the engagement perform of the brand new technology.

Anupam and Rhea and Sunny-Kiara exchanged rings.

Anupam embraced Rhea from behind.

Rhea:Anupam!All are watching us.

Anupam:Allow them to look.Now now we have the license to romance.

She blushed.

Aryan requested Shahana after the ring change.

Aryan:How is the ring I selected for you?Did you prefer it?

Shahana:I didn’t prefer it.

Aryan grew to become boring.

Shahana:I cherished it.

Aryan and Shahana smiled at one another.

The photographer was clicking the pictures of the engaged {couples}.

Prachi was not standing near Ranbir as she was shy.

Ranbir:Prachi,come near me. is a public place.I can’t.

Ranbir:Oh Prachi.Now we’re engaged.Don’t be so conservative.


The photographer:Stand near your fiancé.Solely then the pictures will look good.

Ranbir smiled.Prachi was shy.Lastly Ranbir pulled her nearer tickling her and making her chortle.

Prachi stood near him shyly.Ranbir grew to become very pleased as Prachi stood near him.

Prachi:Is that this fantastic?

The photographer:Now it’s good.

Ranbir –Prachi smiled.

The {photograph} clicked their photos.




Aryan took Shahana for purchasing.They purchased some garments.They wore these costumes and took selfies in numerous poses.


Sunny-Kiara loved lots on the seaside.

Sunny:I did’nt carry you right here only for a seaside date.


Sunny held Kiara’s hand and requested her:Kiara,will you marry me?

Kiara held his hand too and replied:Sure Sunny.I’ll marry you.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

The room was embellished with pink and whereas balloons.



Ranbir checked out Prachi romantically and requested her:Prachi,will you be with me ceaselessly?Will you be my spouse?

Prachi:Ranbir…I’ve been ready to listen to this since lengthy.Don’t waste time and marry me.I wish to be a superb spouse to you want my Maa is to my papa.

Ranbir grew to become so pleased that he lifted her up in his arms.They smiled at one another.

Rhea took Anupam to a restaurant the place solely they have been there.

Anupam:Why nobody is right here?

Rhea:As a result of I booked the entire restaurant for tonight.In order that nobody might be there to disturb us.

Anupam grew to become boring.

Anupam:You might be used to luxuries like this.However I can’t afford this Rhea.

Rhea:It’s okay Anupam.I’m not the outdated Rhea now.For me,you might be sufficient.I simply introduced you right here as a shock.

He smiled with reduction.

Out of the blue he noticed some folks taking part in violen for them.He was stunned.

Rhea:I organized them to play violin for us.

Anupam was once more stunned.

Rhea held his hand and began dancing.They each danced romantically.

Ranbir-Prachi,Sunny-Kiara,Anupam-Rhea and Aryan-Shahana acquired married.

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