Sayi and Virat – An Epic Love story (Chapter 14) – Weezersongs

Recap – Ashwini agrees to what Advay stated.

Chapter 14

Every week later.

Advay talks to Meghna who’s Sayi’s Psychotherapist. They had been discussing about her outcomes.

Advay – How lengthy will it take for her?

Meghna – Very quickly Advay. She’s a really sensible woman. However, within the means of getting match, she overdoes issues which is able to make her weak! That’s the one drawback I discovered in her.

Advay – She’s at all times like that. Do you want my assist?

Meghna – Simply be by her facet! She kinda has a misplaced feeling.

Advay – What do you imply?

Meghna – Not since you instructed me her previous, I’m telling you this. In case you fastidiously take a look at her, you’ll have the ability to see her ache. The ache of not having anybody in her world.

Advay – Meghna, I’m her household.

Meghna – Advay, that you’re saying na. In response to her, for the previous 18 years, her solely household was her Abba and Mausi. She received’t have the ability to digest the truth that, she has somebody aside from her Abba and Mausi. She doesn’t know that she’s the one granddaughter of Dadu.

Advay understands and nods.

Advay (relaxes) – Time to point out, my little woman her world.

Meghna – As I stated earlier than Advay, don’t rush issues. All the things has its personal time!

Advay nods and left.

Sayi’s Room.

Sayi was attempting to get down from the mattress when she slipped, a robust hand-held her by her waist. They’ve a eye lock.

Sayi – You?

Virat – Sure, ofcourse.

Sayi – I believed, you received’t be coming. (Shrugging his palms off from her, she sits on the mattress)

Virat – How can I not come, when my spouse is right here?

Sayi (smiled) – Achaa, then why didn’t you meet me final week?

Virat (hesitates) – How shall I inform you?

Sayi – It’s okay, go away it. Virat sir, will you include me for a stroll?

Virat (delighted)- With pleasure.

Virat stands up and holds Sayi shut.

Sayi (seems confused) – Virat sir, what are you doing?

Virat – What do you imply?

Sayi – Virat sir, simply maintain my hand. In case you maintain me by shoulder, there’ll be a slight ache to my wounds.

Virat (seemed unhappy) – I’m sorry.

Sayi – It’s okay. Now, come and maintain my hand.

He holds hers and walks.

They go close to the garden space and sit.

Virat – Are you snug?

Sayi – Sure sir.

Virat sits subsequent to her.

Sayi – Virat sir, when will I get discharged?

Virat (smiles) – Arey, not so quickly Sayi. You aren’t effectively. Take most relaxation, as a result of when you come again dwelling, you’ll need to battle with kaku and others.

Sayi pretends to be indignant.

Virat – Arey Meri Biwi…I’m Sorryyy!

Sayi smiles.

Sayi – Anyhow, to what you stated, I received’t be returning again to Chavan Niwas.

Virat seems confused.

Virat – Then? The place will you go?

Sayi – I’ve talked to the Dean. He has organized every thing for me.

Virat – However Sayi, they received’t give rooms for married folks proper?

Sayi – Haan…He didn’t agree first, after which…

Advay – Then, I talked to him and he agreed.

Virat and Sayi checked out Advay. Virat fumed and Sayi smiled.

Sayi – Advayyyy…

Advay – Sayiiiii

Virat (irritated) – Hiya Dr. Advay.

Advay nodded and sat subsequent to Sayi.

Sayi moved herself from Virat and was extra near Advay.

Resulting from heavy winds, Sayi wasn’t capable of tie her hair. Advay instantly tied it for her and smiled.

Virat fumed.











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