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Hi there guys. Right here is the brand new and the ultimate a part of this os. I hope you prefer it and do inform me your opinions on the feedback.
So let’s begin.
Riddhima was standing on a far space from Vansh in a destructed thoughts.
Vansh has got here close to her.
Then he has hugged her a really tight and lengthy hug.

Vansh: What’s going on with my princess? Since now we have waked up, you aren’t wonderful and you’re distracted a lot. So can I do know the rationale behind that my hottie lady?
Riddhima wasn’t replying to Vansh.
She was simply being an increasing number of nearer to him by being in his arms.
Riddhima to herself: I’ve to finish my mission. I can’t take heed to my coronary heart. I can’t think about that essentially the most heartless murderer within the mafia world obtained to fall for you Vansh, however I can’t try this. I can’t destroy my profession.
Riddhima has checked out Vansh in a caring and sorry means.

Then she has putted her hand on Vansh’s face.

Riddhima: I’m sorry Vansh. I’m actually sorry, however I’ve to finish my mission. I’m so sorry my love.
After she has completed her phrases, she has gotten out her gun and she or he has shot.
Earlier than this with half an hour, Riddhima was nonetheless observing Vansh.

Riddhima’s POV begins:
I wasn’t understanding what I used to be owing it inside me.
I wasn’t in a position to perceive why I’m caring about Vansh that a lot.
It speculated to be essentially the most best factor to me after I take anybody’s soul.
I’ve by no means taken any time considering earlier than killing anybody.
I all the time try this with chilly blood and with pleasant feeling.
However I don’t know why I’m feeling responsible for what I’ve to do it with you Vansh.
I don’t know why I’m so hooked up to this night time that now we have spent collectively yesterday Vansh.
I don’t know why I’m not in a position to go away you or make you away from me.
I’m murderer and my work is to take life to not give life so how I may really feel that emotions to my goal?!
How I may personal that particular feeling to a soul that I speculated to take it after a while?!
Truly, I’m not even in a position to name him “soul” like I all the time name about my targets.
As a result of for me he isn’t a soul that I may simply take it.
I’ve fallen for Vansh!!!
That is the one logical motive for what I’m feeling now.
I’ve fallen for my goal that I’ve to kill him after a while.
I’ve fallen for the one who I don’t have any choice aside from killing him by my hand.
I’ve fallen for you Vansh and on the identical time I’ll by no means be capable of be with.
I’ll by no means be capable of inform you that as a result of merely you’ll not be right here at this world after a while.
However really, do I will take his life after I’ve obtained certain that I’ve fallen for him or my hand will shake and I won’t be able to shoot him?!
Do my coronary heart would be the factor that may destroy my complete profession?
Do really Vyom will go away me if I’ve listened to my coronary heart and didn’t have killed Vansh?!
Vyom won’t ever go away neither me nor Vansh.
I can’t bow to my coronary heart.
I can’t put my life in peril.
I can’t.
I’ve to kill Vansh.
I’ve to kill my love with my very own hand.
I’ve to kill the one man that I’ve beloved him in my life.
I’ve to kill my love after I’ve discovered him.
On the finish, that is the lifetime of the murderer.
The murderer won’t ever care about any relation.
The murderer will do what it speculated to do.
This was my obligation and this was my life.
And this may by no means change.
Riddhima the murderer should kill Vansh and kill with it Riddhima the lover.
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Riddhima was retaining having fun with sinking on Vansh whereas he was sleeping.
Afterwards, Vansh has waked up.

He was taking a look at her whereas she was observing him that a lot.
He saved observing her a lot in a really cute and romantic means.

Then he has got here very near her.

He was so completely happy whereas being that near her.
Riddhima wasn’t in a position to make him be away from her.
She was wanting to maintain being that near him.

She was being so relaxed whereas he was making her very near him.
He was sinking on her and she or he was leaving herself to him.

Vansh: Good morning sweetheart.
Riddhima: Good morning Vansh.
Riddhima has gotten out from mattress after carrying Vansh’s shirt.

She was making an attempt to manage herself.
She was making an attempt to not take a look at Vansh’s eyes.
So she may be capable of implant her plan and end her mission with out making her guilt management her.
Then Vansh has got here nearer to her by hugging her from her again.

Vansh: I cannot make you away from me Riddhima. I cannot make you other than me after I’ve discovered you. I wasn’t anticipating that I may attain thus far with a lady in that very quick time. I wasn’t anticipating that I may fall for a lady in that quick time.
Riddhima’s physique has freezed after listening to these phrases from Vansh.
Her hearts beats have gotten a lot excessive.
She has turned to face him by placing her fingers round his neck and being so near him.

Riddhima: What you might have mentioned Vansh? Please repeat it as soon as once more.
He has smiled at her.

Then he has made her so near him to really feel her breathes.

Vansh: Sure sweetheart I’ve fallen for you. I don’t know the way this has occurred that shortly, however that is the reality. I like you Riddhima. I like you a lot sweetheart.
Riddhima was observing him a lot.

She was completely happy from inside her, however she was additionally burning a lot for what she ought to do with him afterwards.
Vansh has made Riddhima so near him to make her really feel his love in the direction of her.

She didn’t has felt on herself when she has thrown herself in Vansh’s arms.

Riddhima: I like you Vansh. I actually love you a lot.
She didn’t has felt one herself when she has confessed her emotions to him.
She was simply wish to be very near him.
Vansh has obtained so completely happy listening to Riddhima’s confession.
He has obtained extra nearer to her to really feel every a part of her.

Then he has kissed her in her cheek in a really romantic means.

Get again to the precise time.
Riddhima didn’t obtained in a position to shoot Vansh.
The gun shot has simply obtained right into a close to vase to Vansh.
Vansh has obtained shocked from what Riddhima has executed.

Riddhima: I can’t try this. I can’t kill you Vansh. I can’t try this. My coronary heart isn’t making me try this Vansh.
She sits on the ground and she or he begins crying.

Riddhima: I don’t deserve your love Vansh. I don’t deserve your harmless and pure coronary heart. You’re so harmless man not like me. I’m an affordable and egocentric lady. I’m a really low cost murderer Vansh who has simply got here to kill you by placing you within the lure of my magnificence. I don’t deserve your pure love Vansh.
Vansh has stunned Riddhima when he has smiled at her.

She wasn’t understanding his sudden response.
She was being shocked seeing this response of him.

He has got here nearer to her and he has surrounded her along with his fingers.

Vansh: I like you Riddhima it doesn’t matter what.
Riddhima: Vansh, are you mad?? I’m telling you I’m an murderer and I’ve got here to kill you and lure you together with dishonest you and taking part in together with your feelings. How you’re nonetheless saying that you simply love me?!!! I’m not understanding your response!!!! You didn’t have gotten shocked for a second Vansh as in the event you had been conscious of my reality from the start.
Vansh: Now you’ve got into the suitable observe.
Riddhima: What?! What do you imply?! Do you had been actually figuring out my reality??!
Vansh: Sure sweetheart. I used to be figuring out your reality since I’ve seen you Riddhima. I’m not that idiot sweetheart and this isn’t the primary time that one among my enemies ship an murderer to me so I begins to have the ability to scent the presence of any new murderer. So I’ve caught your behaviours from the primary time and really I’ve obtained certain when now we have got here right here sweetheart as I’ve obtained in a position to see all of the details about me and every thing about your mission in your cell after we had been collectively and also you weren’t noticing that. So I’ve recognized that you’re the murderer who speculated to kill me.
Riddhima: And nonetheless you’re saying that you simply love me Vansh?!!!
Vansh: Sure Riddhima I nonetheless love you. I’ve fallen for you since I’ve met you. Even after I was doubting that you’re an murderer, nonetheless I’ve fallen for you and I’ve fallen in your lure by my very own choice. I don’t know why I used to be being certain that you’ll by no means full your mission. I used to be certain that you simply won’t be able to do this. Truly, I used to be difficult myself that on the final second you’ll not kill me. And right here you might have made me personal the problem.
Riddhima: However what if I’ve obtained to kill you??
Vansh: Nonetheless I might have grew to become completely happy. I might have grew to become so proud that I’ve obtained died by the hand of the one lady that I’ve beloved her in my complete life.
Riddhima: However Vansh I’m a really unhealthy lady with a really unhealthy previous.
Vansh: We don’t have to focus on the previous Riddhima. What issues now’s the long run and I may discover the innocence in your eyes and that what issues to me.
Riddhima: They may by no means permit me to go away the mafia world. Vyom won’t ever go away me Vansh.
He has putted his hand on her face to calm her down.

Vansh: You may’t take into consideration something after I’m with you Riddhima. We are going to deal with every thing collectively. I’ll defend you from something and every thing. After we are simply collectively, nothing may defeat us.
Riddhima has hugged Vansh a really lengthy and heat hug.

Riddhima: However what we are going to do now Vansh??? I advised you it isn’t simple in any respect for me to go away this mafia world. I advised you that Vyom won’t ever go away me. What we w…
Earlier than Riddhima may be capable of full her phrases, Vansh has kissed her a really lengthy kiss that has made her obtained very relaxed and has made her silent.

Vansh: Relax sweetheart. I advised you that you simply don’t have to fret in any respect after I’m with you. He won’t ever be capable of do something to you as really we are going to go away the entire nation and none of these mafia folks will be capable of attain to us.
Riddhima: What?!
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima had been on the airport.
They had been holding one another fingers whereas they had been smiling.

They had been completely happy that after some moments they are going to be collectively ceaselessly and nobody will be capable of trigger any issues to them.
Riddhima was taking a look at Vansh whereas she was smiling.

Riddhima: Thanks a lot Vansh. Thanks for accepting and forgiving me. Thanks for giving me second probability to atone with it every thing I’ve executed it on the previous. Thanks for loving me that unconditional love. Thanks for shielding me from my previous. Thanks a lot Vansh. I’m so grateful to God that he has putted you on my means. I like you a lot Vansh.
Vansh has obtained nearer to her.
Then he has kissed her in her arm whereas she has kissed him in his brow.

Vansh: Everybody ought to take a second probability sweetheart. It’s nearly what you’ll do once you take this second probability and my sweetheart didn’t has missed this second probability and this what I’m so pleased with you about it. I like you a lot Riddhima.
They’ve hugged one another.

At that precise second, Vansh and Riddhima have seen Vyom together with a few of his males coming close to them.
Vyom was taking a look at them in a difficult means.

Vyom: Hi there my pals. Do you each assume that you simply each will be capable of play from Vyom’s again? Do you each assume that you simply each will be capable of go away the nation from my again? No my candy pals. This may by no means occur with Vyom Arora. You might have executed a really enormous mistake by again stabbing me Riddhima and you’ll pay for it.
He has signed to his males to take Vansh and Riddhima.
Vansh has fought with all of them.
Then he has taken Riddhima out of the airport.
Vyom and his males had been following them whereas holding their weapons.
Vyom to his males: Don’t go away them. I need their lifeless our bodies.
Vansh and Riddhima have reached to a jungle.
Then had been retaining operating.

Vansh was holding Riddhima protectively.
Vansh: Nothing will occur to you Riddhima. Don’t fear I’m with you.
She has stopped operating and she or he has confronted him.
Riddhima: I’m certain of that Vansh. I do know that you’ll by no means go away me and you’ll be all the time with me. I’m not afraid from Vyom or from anybody not simply because I’m that nice murderer who’s having a lot energy and will face anybody so simply, however as a result of now I even have one other energy which is the facility of your love Vansh.
She has checked out him deeply.
Riddhima( finishing her phrases): When I’ve felt one thing particular in the direction of you Vansh, I used to be retaining asking do I’ve met you to take your life or to present you my life?!
Vansh: And what the reply that you’ve got it to this query?
Riddhima: I may merely offer you my life Vansh simply in your security and on the identical time I may take anybody’s life simply in your sake. I’ll by no means be capable of do away with the soul of the murderer that simply and I’ll simply get her out relating to your security Vansh and I believe that it’s the time for Riddhima the murderer to get out.
She has mentioned these phrases when she has seen Vyom’s males coming close to them.
Vansh: Attention-grabbing, very fascinating! I believe that I’ll see a really totally different shade of my sweetheart.
Each of them have smiled at one another.

Riddhima: Simply watch and see what may your Riddhima do exactly in your security.
Vansh: I like you a lot Riddhima.
Riddhima: I like you too Vansh.
Then Riddhima begins capturing at Vyom’s males whereas Vansh and she or he had been making an attempt to flee from them.




























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