Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 89 – Weezersongs

The episode begins with Ahana being panicking a lot and wasn’t capable of have the management on her automotive.

She was panicking and worrying a lot.
Ahana to herself: What is occurring to the bricks?! What’s the hell is occurring?! I’m not capable of management the automotive!!!!
Ahana was struggling very a lot and he or she was worrying a lot.
She was feeling that she is close to her demise.
She was so afraid.
She didn’t has obtained that afraid feeling earlier than.
She didn’t has felt that frightened earlier than.
Ahana to herself: No, I can’t die now. I can’t die after I’ve completed my revenge and have taken my proper. I can’t die earlier than celebrating a lot. I can’t die now. I’ll by no means be capable to face God now. No, I’ll by no means die now.
Ahana was conscious of what she has executed in her entire life.
She was realizing that her success and happiness can be simply at earth.
She was realizing that she is going to by no means be joyful for what is going to occur to her if she went to the skies.
She was afraid of the punishment.
She was making an attempt her greatest to have the management on the automotive.
She was seeing the cliff that she was very close to to it.
She wasn’t realizing how she might forestall this cliff.
Ahana to herself: Please God assist me. I don’t need to die. Please assist me. Please.
After all God didn’t has listened to a really evil woman like Ahana.
She has taken the punishment that she deserves it on the similar day that she has deliberate on it Vansh and Riddhima’s automotive accident.
Her automotive has obtained fallen from the cliff and the entire automotive obtained blasted.
Ahana has died a really horrible demise.
She has died in the best way that she deserves it.
God has given her the factor that she was making an attempt to offer to Vansh and Riddhima.
He has made her die additionally in a automotive accident, however this one was so horrible.
This accident has ended Ahana’s life.
There wasn’t any method for her to get saved as the entire automotive obtained burned in addition to Ahana.
She has obtained punished for what she has executed with Vansh and Riddhima even earlier than anybody might learn about their accident.
God has given them their rights as the identical day and has ended Ahana’s chapter eternally.
On the similar time, Vansh and Riddhima had been been taken to the closest hospital.

They’ve simply misplaced consciousness, however they had been nonetheless alive.
After they have executed this accident, they had been have already got reached to Mumbai.
In order that they have been taken to the closest hospital at Mumbai.
Vansh and Riddhima’s states weren’t good in any respect particularly Riddhima.
All of the medical doctors had been making an attempt to regulate the state of affairs and make their circumstances secure.
Afterwards, the entire household has arrived to the hospital.
They had been all panicking and worrying about Vansh and Riddhima a lot.
Chanchel( in a teary tone): Kabir, Angre please attempt to contact with any of the medical doctors. We’ve to understand how is Vansh and Riddhima. My coronary heart is paining about them a lot. Please my sons do one thing very quick I’ve to examine on them.
Earlier than Angre and Kabir might go to the medical doctors, one of many medical doctors that had been on the operation room that Vansh and Riddhima had been on it has got here to them.
Kabir was tremendous frightened about Vansh and Riddhima.

So he has rushed rapidly to the physician.
Kabir( in a hurrying and worrying method): Physician, please inform me how is Vansh and Riddhima. Does the accident’s end result was very onerous on them??? Please physician inform us the whole lot as we’re all very very frightened about each of them.
The physician: The accident wasn’t simple in any respect. The automotive has obtained smashed very a lot, however until now the circumstances are below management. Truly, Mr. Vansh’s state is completely secure and out of hazard now. As he didn’t has taken the entire crush from the truck so now we have shifted him to a traditional room and really quickly he’ll achieve consciousness.
Ragini: And what about Riddhima physician??
The physician’s face was an upset face look.
Angre has panicked a lot from seeing this face response from the physician.

Angre: What has occurred with Riddhima bhabi physician? How is her state? Please inform us instantly.
The physician: Sadly, Misses Riddhima’s state isn’t good in any respect. We are attempting to make it secure, however nonetheless there isn’t any reply.
Everybody has obtained shocked after listening to the physician’s phrases.
Chanchel begins crying so badly.
Chanchel: Noooooooooo. I can’t lose my daughter. Inform me physician that she can be tremendous. You need to do one thing physician and make her be tremendous. I’d by no means be capable to lose my daughter.
She was protecting shouting and crying.
Kabir has got here close to Chanchel.
Then he has hugged her in a relaxing method.
Kabir: Please settle down mother. Every part can be tremendous. I’m positive that Riddhima can be very tremendous very very quickly. God won’t ever go away her. He’ll make her be very effectively and he won’t ever make her go away us. You simply need to loosen up and settle down so when she get up she might discover you in a very good state and he or she doesn’t fear about you.
Angre: Sure aunt. You need to be relaxed for the sake of Riddhima. Truly, I feel that you need to go and pray for her as she wants your prayers a lot now.
Ragini: Your prayers is the factor that can make Riddhima rise up and be very effectively aunt.
Chanchel has left to go to the pray space.
So she might begins praying for Riddhima and her well being.
Angre and Kabir have surrounded the physician to speak with him with out making Chanchel notices that.
Kabir: Physician, I really feel that you’re hiding one thing.
Angre: Does actually Riddhima’s state that vital??
Kabir: Does there may be any ways in which might make her don’t rise up from this example????
Physician: To be sincere, sure. The injuries that she is owing it are so deep. Her legs virtually obtained broken and we are attempting to regulate the state of affairs because the damages are reaching until a excessive place in her physique. We are attempting to not be compelled to do one other surgical procedure for her and we are attempting to at all times make her breathes and coronary heart beats secure.
Kabir has obtained tremendous shocked.

He wasn’t capable of say something.
He wasn’t capable of imagine that he might lose Riddhima.
Kabir to himself: No, I can’t lose my sister. Nothing will occur to my little sister in any respect. My dearest sister will at all times be tremendous. She’s going to by no means go away her brother and all of the individuals who love her. Riddhima can be tremendous I’m positive of that.
He was so emotional.
He begins remembering some reminiscences with him and Riddhima.

He begins remembering all of the wonderful moments that he has spent it along with his sister Riddhima.
Kabir to himself: I do know that my sister Riddhima is so courageous and brave woman who will combat a lot and she is going to by no means settle for giving up that simple. My sister Riddhima is a really energetic woman who loves life a lot and she is going to by no means give up that simple. She’s going to by no means go away all of the individuals who love her. Riddhima won’t ever go away us. Please God shield Riddhima. Please God make her be tremendous. Please God don’t make her go away us. Please God.
The physician has left Angre and Kabir.
So he might full working with the medical doctors in rescuing Riddhima.
Angre was understanding Kabir’s ache.
So he has simply putted his hand on Kabir’s shoulder to make him really feel that he isn’t alone.
Angre: She can be tremendous. Simply pray for her.
Kabir wasn’t capable of say any phrase.
He was simply silent and nodding his head.
Ishani was additionally being in a really surprising state.

She wasn’t capable of tolerate that her bhai and bhabi are in peril now.
She was crying a lot.

Her tears weren’t capable of be stopped in any respect.
Ishani to herself: Please God don’t make something unhealthy might occur to Vansh bro and Riddhima bhabi. I’ll by no means be capable to reside with out them. They’re my supporters and encouragers. I can’t lose them. Please God shield them.
At that second, Kabir has got here close to Ishani.
Then he has given her a tissue to take away her tears with it
Then she begins eradicating her tears.

Kabir was making an attempt to regulate his fear, shatter and stress about Vansh and Riddhima.
So he might be capable to help Ishani and calm her down.
He has got here nearer to her.
Then he has hugged her a really lengthy, heat and paining hug.
He was making her very very near him.
Kabir to himself: I don’t know if I’m calming you down by hugging you Ishani or I’m the one who’s calming himself by being that near you.
Ishani( teary): Bhai and Bhabi can be tremendous Kabir, proper? Please inform me that nothing will hurt them. Please inform me that the whole lot can be tremendous. I’ll by no means be capable to bear the lose of anybody of them. Please inform me something that would calm me down.
Kabir has putted his fingers on Ishani’s face.
Then he has kissed her brow.
Kabir: Belief me nothing will occur to them. They’re protected by God and God won’t ever go away them. So please settle down. All of us need to be so robust and never make something breaks us. They’ve to search out us so robust when they’ll achieve consciousness. So please Ishani be robust for Riddhima and Vansh. Please. I’m with you right here and I’ll by no means go away you. Nothing will occur I’m positive of that.
Ishani has hugged Kabir very tightly.
She was making an attempt to aid her sorrows and ache by being in his arms.
Kabir was making an attempt to calm Ishani down whereas he was burning from inside.
He was shattered and damaged from inside whereas he was fascinated by what might occur to Riddhima afterwards.
He was protecting remembering increasingly more reminiscences together with her which was making his coronary heart being in a lot damage.

Afterwards, Vansh has gained consciousness.
When he has firstly opened his eyes, he has known as just one title.
Which is Riddhima.
Vansh( looking for Riddhima): Riddhimaaaaaa.
His head was hurting him a lot.
He was placing his hand on his head in a strategy to management the ache with it.
There was a bandage round his head.

Together with that there was a bandage on his hand as his hand has obtained damaged.
He wasn’t caring in regards to the ache that he was owing it and he has gotten out from the mattress to look about Riddhima.
He has left his room.
Then he begins strolling all through the hospital in a search about Riddhima.
He was panicking a lot about Riddhima.

Vansh to himself( whereas looking out about Riddhima): I don’t know why I’m feeling that sweetheart isn’t tremendous. I really feel that she wants me a lot. I really feel that there’s something large that’s taking place to her greater than that this accident. I’n feeling how she wants me together with her. I’m capable of really feel her callings. I’m listening to her voice whereas she is looking my title. She wants me and I’ll by no means go away her. I’m coming to you sweetheart. Your Vansh won’t ever go away you. I hope that your wounds are usually not that deep. I might do something simply to make you tremendous. I’ll attain to you sweetheart and the whole lot can be tremendous.
After a while, he has reached to the room the place Riddhima was on it and all of the medical doctors the place round her making an attempt to make her state secure.

He has discovered everybody standing outdoors Riddhima’s room and the stress was being very noticeable on their faces.
Everybody has obtained shocked seeing Vansh coming whereas he was in that state.
So Angre has got here close to him.

Angre: Why you’ve gotten got here now Vansh?! You need to be at your room now taking a lot relaxation. Should you had been needing something, you may have known as us as we didn’t have identified that you’ve got gained consciousness. Your wounds should to be cured Vansh and this is not going to occur if you happen to didn’t have taken relaxation. So please take relaxation.
Vansh has given him a strict look.

Vansh: How I might loosen up and I don’t understand how is Riddhima’s state now?! How I might take relaxation and I don’t know something about my spouse?! I’ll by no means loosen up till I might ensure that Riddhima is okay so please anybody from you inform me how is Riddhima now?? I need to know the whole lot now.
Kabir and Angre have informed Vansh what the physician has informed them about Riddhima’s state.
Vansh was shocked whereas listening to them.

He wasn’t imagining that he might lose Riddhima.
He was worrying a lot about her.
He was paining a lot and he wasn’t capable of tolerate what he has identified.

So he has rushed instantly to enter Riddhima’s room, however Angre has stopped him.

Vansh was very offended and damaged.
Angre was making an attempt to calm him down.
Angre: You may’t enter to her room now Vansh. You’ll can’t make something inside Vansh so please go away the medical doctors deal with her state.
Kabir: She can be tremendous quickly Vansh. Simply pray for her. We simply should go away the medical doctors do their work.
Vansh has obtained satisfied from their phrases.
He was simply standing outdoors her room.
Her state was so vital and the oxygen was placing on her so she might breath calmly.

Vansh was her from outdoors the room.

Vansh to himself: You may’t go away me Riddhima. Riddhima must not ever go away Vansh. Riddhima and Vansh will at all times be collectively Riddhima. We’ll reside collectively and die collectively and if I’ve gained consciousness in order that implies that you too will achieve consciousness. You’ll by no means go away me okay. It’s an order. Please Riddhima rise up. I can’t reside with out you. Please sweetheart rise up your Vansh is ready for you.
Vansh was paining a lot.

His fear and shatter had been rising a lot.
Whereas he was worrying about Riddhima and praying for her, Riddhima’s state obtained so horrible.
She wasn’t capable of breath and her coronary heart beats had been so low.
Vansh has obtained shocked.
Precap: “There isn’t any strategy to rescue Riddhima ma’am with it aside from slicing her each broken legs!”













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