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Neel scolds Chahat saying he can bear her in his home however wouldn’t be capable to forgive her if his household will get into any type of drawback due to her as it will not be a wholesome choice for her, he says that she should carry Vyas je again house as he left due to her, Chahat agrees to carry Vyas je however not alone, she pulls Neel nonetheless he shuns her questioning what proper does she have over him, Chahat replies it’s the identical proper which he tried to train within the evening after they have been alone within the room, she pulls him together with her whereas Aalekh is apprehensive as a result of if they can discover, he secret would even be revealed.

Neel says they’ve been looking for the previous two hours so if they don’t seem to be capable of finding Vyas je earlier than night then it will trigger a number of drawback, Chahat asks him to get offended after they’ve discovered Vyas je, she sees a woman coming who has his scarf, she indicators Neel that the woman has the scarf of Vyas je, Neel seeing her explains that he might need given her the scarf to cowl her physique, Chahat questions the place did she get the scarf from, he women factors them in direction of a bar.

Neel and Chahat attain the gate however they’re bared from coming into when the guard explains Indian garments aren’t allowed, Chahat remains to be adamant to enter the bar however Neel pulls her again saying that he’s certain Vyas je wouldn’t be within the bar, he isn’t like her so can not let go of his ethics.

Neel doesnot discover Chahat when he sees that she is strolling, he runs after her however is shocked to see that she is just not Chahat, he asks her about his spouse, she factors him in direction of Chahat who’s carrying a brief western costume, Chahat questions the guard if she is now allowed so she enters the pub pondering that if she is ready to see Vyas je then would make certain that the individual in Delhi’s hospital is the true Vyas je, two males see her so begin teasing her demanding that she dance with them, Chahat tries to depart nonetheless they pull her nearer, Neel comes slapping them and after they query he reveals she is his spouse, Chahat thanks her however he says that he would have helped any woman who was in want of his assist.

Neel and Chahat each hear Vyas je exclaiming that the second drink can be from him and Shella, he sits together with her, Neel calls him and he will get tunned seeing Neel standing in entrance of him, Chahat and Neel carry Vyas with them, Neel tries to query him asking what has occurred that he received into such a behavior as how can he take him house in such a situation, Chahat tries to clarify what has occurred by in forming that he’s not the true Vyas je nonetheless Neel doesnot imagine her, Aalekh additionally comes from behind with the household explaining that he has a secret of Vyas je and it’s the he has Alzheimer’s illness which implies he forgets who he actually is, he explains that when he introduced again Vyas je from the abductors, he even refused to acknowledge him so the medical doctors revealed about his illness, Nele will get shocked so sits with Vyas je, Chahat taking the studies questions how can Vyas je have Alzheimer’s when all of his studies are high-quality, Neel doesnot imagine her questioning if she is saying that Vyas je is performing, he exclaims he doesnot imagine something she is saying particularly after she made the comment about him being an imposter.

Aalekh consoles Neel apologizing to him saying that he didn’t stated something in regards to the situation of Vyas jee due to the circumstances of the household, he pleads to permit him to handle Vyas je, Aalekh takes him away when Chahat thinks there’s something mistaken as a result of she can not imagine that Vyas je has Alzheimer’s, Aalekh pushes Agam contained in the room saying that he should not drink anymore as a result of Chahat has even began the investigation and he should not suppose she is like everybody else, Agam insists that Aalekh carry one other peg, Aalekh leaves after which Agam lies down on the mattress.

Chahat is within the room with Bopho, she calls the sister asking her to let her speak with the affected person who’s on the mattress 203, Chahat talks with Vyas je asking if he’s alright, Vyas je exclaims he wouldn’t return to Devpriagh till he dies, Bopho is shocked to see that there are two Vyas je and asks if their mom went to the mella as a result of these two are the look alike of one another, Bopho questions why did she not inform Neel about them each, Chahat exclaims she is aware of his anger and belief so wouldn’t reveal the reality.
Neel throws the paper on the mattress demanding Chahat to signal them, he reveals they’re the custody papers and it’s written that the kids would reside with him after the divorce, Chahat insists she wouldn’t go away her kids and might even reside with all of his anger and belief points, Neel challenges to do the whole lot he can to get the custody of their kids, Chahat explains that he has challenged the motherhood of a mom so wouldn’t be capable to win the competitors.

Precap: Chahat asks Sahil to maneuver out of her manner, they each push one another when his strolling stick drops, Chahat is amazed to see him stroll, she questions how is it potential when he reveals that it was all simply an act as he desired to realize her sympathy. He pulls her nearer, however she tries to get away from him.

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