RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 11 – Weezersongs

Hey guys,  hi there . Thanks for the assist you have got proven . So your feedback have impressed me to jot down subsequent episode.

Episode 10 – https://www.tellyupdates.com/riaansh-love-and-betrayal-episode-10/

1) All of the characters could be identical we noticed in primary present .
2) the traits of characters have modified.
3) I’ll embody some imaginative locations and I’ll add different characters as nicely .
I want you’ll  all take pleasure in.

Episode 11 :

A person threatens Vansh

The episode begins with

Scene – 1

Vansh sees the picture of ragini and says

Vansh  : she is ragini vansh raisinghania,  my spouse

Riddhima  : what ! Inform me are you joking.

Vansh  : no she is , however i did cherished her as soon as however she cheated me and now she began to kill others.

Riddhima  : so , you don’t like murderers .

Vansh  : i’m meters away from homicide and killing , i hate these issues .

Riddhima  : i wish to take revenge from her for killing my buddy noor .

Vansh  : so she killed your buddy,  and also you suppose you could possibly take revenge from her .

Riddhima  : i’m not like regular women , i prefer to play with dangers .

Vansh  : This woman has one thing ,attention-grabbing,  will you give me your quantity miss Riddhima  ?

Riddhima  : After all,  however why would you like it ?

Vansh  : Since , ragini is each of our enemy so if I discover one thing towards her then i might name you .

Riddhima  : okay , thanks.

Vansh and riddhima give their telephone numbers to one another . Then Riddhima went to her residence . However when vansh was leaving,  Angre known as him .

( in telephone)

Angre  : boss , i wish to inform you one thing.

Vansh  : what’s it ?

Angre : i’ve captured a person who was making an attempt to enter VR MANSION forcefully.  I attempted to ask him and even threatened him however he stated that he’ll solely discuss to ” ghost ” ( vansh)

Vansh  : Okay , angre tie that man i’m coming quickly.

Scene  -2

A helicopter is seen touchdown on a helipad above a tower.  A person comes from that helicopter . He says ,” i’ve accomplished my work in south Africa however i’m wanted her in india.  Criminals should not wanted on this world and Leaving criminals alive is just not my work  ” .

The helicopter 🚁lands . A person is seen fighting some goons on that helipad.

Man  : welcome Mr Kabir,  please assist me .

Kabir : so i see there are some anti social creatures . Go away that man earlier than i depend 10.🤣🤣🤣

Goons : We don’t wish to kill this man , however we wish one thing from it and we don’t worry do no matter you need.

Kabir shoots at one of many goon . And take away a distant from his pocket and press the button.

Goons : how might you shoot , you informed that you’ll depend until 10 .

Kabir  : Oh ! Did i say so , i counted 10 in my thoughts .🤣🤣🤣

Goons : you’ll pay for this .

Kabir : please pay quickly , use internet banking 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Goons shoots at  kabir however their gun is just not working.

Goons  : what’s taking place why is it not working ? What did you do ?

Kabir : the community you’re utilizing is just not reachable 🤣🤣🤣 . I used this distant and used EMP waves . EMP or electrical magnetic pulse blocks bullet,  weapons , bombs , rifles , time bomb and chocolate bomb…. wait not chocolate bomb 🤣🤣

(  Readers -guys seek for the phrase EMP in Google,  you’ll come to know )

Kabir removes two weapons and shoot on the goons and kill them however one  of that goon ran away .

Kabir : i killed all of the goons besides one . Anyway are you OK Mr basu.  ?

Mr Basu : sure , nice inspector kabir has come to save lots of me . Thanks.

That goon ran away and the arrow man is seen viewing all kabir and goon scene.

Arrow Man  : ( to itself)  Now a brand new member has come to the town , let’s write kabir title in my pink record .

Arrow Man additionally went away .

Scene  – 3

Vansh reaches vr mansion.

Angre  : this  is the person who tried to enter vr mansion like thief . We’ve recorded this from our cctv .

Vansh : i’m the ghost and I’m the boss , inform me why did you entered vr mansion,  who despatched you right here , for whom do you’re employed .

Stranger : i don’t wish to reply you , you could possibly impress me .

Vansh : inform me or i else I will provide you with a bullet cake .

Stranger : wait i wish to inform you one thing.

Precap  – Stranger ” you mr vansh raisinghania and angre , you each are right here and your loved ones are at trip,  what if anybody planted bomb in your trip villa to kill your whole household … run vansh run as quick you could possibly 🤣🤣”

Episode ends .

So how did you want this episode.  Are you feeling thrilled ? Any strategies please inform me .

1) who’re the goons who attacked mr basu and why ?

2) what do they need from him ?

3) If arrow man stated that kabir is his new enemy then what’s its planning ?

4) who’s that man who entered vr mansion?

5) and who planted a bomb in vr villa and who needs to kill raisinghania household.  Be a part of with me to learn about it . Please inform me how did you want kabir potrayl in my ff each sensible and humorus . Thanks,  bye and take care

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