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For many who missed the earlier chapter: 

Who am I to you?– A triangle love story #Riansh SS Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The episode begins with Vansh following Riddhima. They attain a metropolis hospital. Riddhima enters the hospital. Whereas Vansh parks his automotive within the parking space.

When he got here again within the entrance gate he can’t noticed her anymore. He rushes to the reception for inquiry.

Vansh:Now solely a woman got here right here carrying a blue salwar swimsuit. Are you able to say me the place did she went?

Receptionist: Sorry Sir. However it’s out of our guidelines. We are able to’t say something about affected person’s household to a outsider.

Vansh:You’ll not say me? ( he says in a flirty method ). Please say, pleeaseee..

Receptionist:Okay I’m saying it however nobody ought to realize it. (smiling).

She checks in her pc.

Receptionist:She is in ICU room no. 102.

Vansh:Thanks rather a lot darl..

The receptionist blushes.

Vansh leaves from there.

Vansh in his thoughts:Good job Vansh!! You might be actually genious in doing flirt. Nicely completed.

He begins to look the room. Then his eyes fell on a room. He say Riddhima was feeding somebody. He goes close to the room. From the small mirror a part of the door he noticed Riddhima caring for somebody. He can’t see who the particular person is. He not even perceive that he’s a boy or a woman.

Then he noticed that she packs her bag and stands as much as go away from there. So Vansh leaves from there rapidly.

Riddhima comes out and leaves the hospital.

Vansh was standing within the parking space and was watching her.

Vansh:Perhaps the particular person is her mom or father. She want cash for therapy so she wants the job a lot.

Vansh sats in his automotive and leaves for his workplace.

Vansh reaches his workplace.

Ahana:Vansh you may have a gathering in 5 minutes.

Vansh:Sure I’m prepared for it. Come.

They attend their metting.

Vansh:So our deal is last Mr. Aggarwal.

Mr. Aggarwal:Sure Mr. RaiSinghania it’s last.

Vansh:My greatest pal will make you undersand another services additionally. Ahana please.

Ahana:Sure Vansh. So,….

Ahana explains all of the matter however Vansh was take pleasure in his Lala world.

His Creativeness:

Riddhima and Vansh is standing close to a waterfall. They had been taking part in with water.

Vansh:I really like you Riddhima. ( shouting).

His voice echoes within the place.

Riddhima:I really like you too Vansh.

Her voice additionally echoes.

Riddhima and Vansh spent some high quality time.

Vansh:Give me a kiss.


Vansh:Sure give na.

Riddhima:Vansh!! Vansh!!

Vansh:Say na I’m listening.

Vansh!!! Vansh!!!

Then Vansh feels that somebody is tapping him in his shoulder.

He say that she is Ahana.

Vansh:The way you got here right here?

Ahana:What the hell!!! I used to be right here solely explaining them the services. The assembly is over however the place are you misplaced?

Vansh noticed his surrounding. Sure he’s in his workplace. No Riddhima no waterfall.

Vansh:Sorry I used to be considering one thing else.

Ahana:Prepare we’re having a celebration for the deal.

Vansh:Sure. Invite Riddhima additionally. As she is our employees now.

Ahana:She advised that she will be able to’t attend any night shift.

Vansh:Nevertheless it’s an evening get together.

Ahana:Let’s see that she comes or not.


Vansh calls Riddhima to ask her.

Vansh:Good day Riddhima!!!

Riddhima:Good day sir.

Vansh:Sure, I known as to tell you a few get together in our resort for a deal so you might be additionally invited, do come. It can begin from 8am.

Riddhima:However sir I advised that I can’t come at night.

Vansh:I hope you understand the distinction between night time and night.

Riddhima:Okay sir. ( unhappy).

Name ended.

Vansh:I’ll look ahead to you sweetheart.

On the get together,

Vansh:What do you assume?

Ahana:She is not going to, for certain.

Vansh:She’s going to.

Ahana:Let’s see.

Whereas having the dialog all of the sudden Vansh’s eyes fell on a phenomenal, or much more stunning than that phrase, lady coming in a black saree.

Vansh:She got here. ( excited ).

Ahana:Wow!! Riddhima got here.

Vansh:Let me go and welcome her.

Vansh walks to her. Whereas Riddhima was trying to find a companion to chit chat on this lonely get together.

Vansh:Hey!! So lastly you got here.

Riddhima:Sure sir.

Vansh:Would you like some drinks or something?

Riddhima:No sir, I’m advantageous.

They had been having their dialog once they heard a chaos.

An individual:Don’t you may have manners? Huh? A sl*t.!!!

Vansh runs in direction of the particular person.

Vansh:What occurred Mr. Aggarwal?

Mr. Aggarwal:See your employees Mr. RaiSinghania first she threw juice on my swimsuit and I asl her for washroom then she tried to do improper issues with me. Educate her an excellent lesson.

Lady:No sir. I didn’t do something. He’s saying lie. He tried to molest me.

Mr. Aggarwal:See how characterless she is!!

Vansh:Go away.


Vansh:I mentioned go away!! ( on prime of his voice).

There was a pin drop silence. Everybody knew Vansh RaiSinghania’s anger. Even Riddhima was shivering with worry.

Vansh turned in direction of Mr. Aggarwal and mentioned,

Vansh:Go away. All offers are canceled. I do know my staffs very nicely. They will by no means do all this. You may go away now.

Mr. Aggarwal:You might be believing a servant?

Vansh:For you she is a servant however for me she is a girls. Somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister, somebody’s mom, somebody’s spouse. Don’t you attempt to do something improper with my staffs.

Mr. Aggarwal leaves with out uttering a phrase. All these are sufficient for his mouth to close.

Vansh:Everybody can take pleasure in your get together properly.

Vansh goes to a nook to calm him down.

Riddhima involves him.

Riddhima:You might be very good particular person sir. You actually respect women rather a lot. Your mother dad perhaps very fortunate to get you as their son.

Vansh:Me and mother dad!!!. Huh!!!

Vansh grabs her hand tightly and takes her with him.

Riddhima:Sir, the place are you taking me? Sir please say.

Vansh:Shut your mouth.

Riddhima:Sir please say.


Riddhima:Sir please.

Vansh stands nonetheless holding her hand and provides her a loss of life glare.

Vansh:You realize the that means of silence? Ziddhima!!

Then she completely shuts her mouth.

Vansh makes her sat in his automotive. And he sats on the motive force seat and begins to drive.

Vansh:You had been saying about mother dad proper? Really my dad died in an accident and my mother, she is busy along with her third husband. She completely forgot that she gave beginning to a toddler. I’m on their own. Solely I’ve my greatest pal Ahana with me.

Riddhima:Sorry sir, really I didn’t know at the moment so.

Vansh:It’s advantageous I can perceive.

He drives to some roadside dhaba.

Vansh:Come we can have our dinner right here.

Each went contained in the dhaba.

Vansh:Give two plates of alu paratha and butter panner along with your particular chutney.

Boy:Jii sahab.

Vansh went in direction of Riddhima who’s sitting in a cot.

Vansh:So how are you feeling? Sitting in a cot and on the highest open sky.?

Riddhima:Superb sir.

Quickly their dinner got here and the had their dinner. After that each of them got here again to the automotive.

Vansh:Let me drop in your home.


Within the automotive,

Vansh:So can we be associates now?

Riddhima:So quick?

Vansh:Any particular time and venue is required for it?

Riddhima:No however.

Vansh:However what?

Riddhima:My home got here. Bye sir.

She got here down from the automotive and rushed inside her home, earlier than Vansh can say something.

Precap:Riddhima makes a dish for Vansh and Ahana. Friendship between Vansh and Riddhima. 

Hope you’ll not discover it boring. Goal remark is 30 remark excluding mine. I’ll put up my ff tomorrow. If goal is cleared then solely subsequent replace will come.😛. So inform me the way you all are. I’m totally match and advantageous. And my bengali readers Sristi and Angela hope you two are advantageous on this rain😂. Love you all and bye❤😉.  

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