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Hey guys. Here’s a new os of mine. Right here is the awaited os as I’ve bought requested from my dearest Ayesha to jot down this one from a very long time and right here it’s. I hope you may prefer it and do inform me your opinion on the feedback.
So let’s begin.
Aryan’s POV begins:
I do know that Riddhima won’t ever settle for this marriage.
I do know my sister very a lot and I do know that she is going to by no means settle for to marry a man with that conventional manner.
My sister Riddhima is all the time a particular woman with particular manner in considering which has made her all the time select completely different stuff than anybody.
Riddhima was all the time dreaming to get married after falling in love and she or he was all the time saying that she is going to by no means get married in an organized marriage.
So how she may settle for this marriage?!
Really, she is until now doesn’t find out about what mother and pa have deliberate it for her from her again.
She is in school and she or he isn’t conscious of what had bought saved for her after returning again to dwelling.
I do know that Riddhima might be very shocked when she is going to know that.
I’ve actually tried my finest to make them don’t take such a choice, however they didn’t have listened to me.
I don’t know what shall I do now and the way I may assist my sister to not do that factor that she is going to by no means need it.
I don’t even know who’s that man that our mother and father have determined that he might be Riddhima’s destiny!!
I actually don’t understand how I may assist Riddhima?!
However I’ve to consider one thing.
I’ve to be very supportive to my solely sister and assist her a lot.
I’ll by no means go away her and I’ll by no means permit anybody to destroy my sister’s life.
Aryan’s POV ends.
Riddhima has returned her home whereas she was smiling and being so energetic.

She was being on the entrance of the home.
She was in an excellent temper and she or he was enthusiastic.
Riddhima( smiling and elevating her voice): Mother, dad, Aryan. The place are you guys?! I’m in an excellent temper and I’m thinkinh about performing some masti.
Riddhima wasn’t in a position to say some other phrase after she has seen her mother and father together with Aryan sitting with three strangers individuals who really she wasn’t in a position to see the face of the three of them completely.
She has checked out Aryan in a speculating manner.

Then she has mentioned phrases to him with out elevating her voice.
Riddhima( with not voice): Who’re these individuals?!
Aryan wasn’t in a position to say something to Riddhima as everybody was round them.
Riddhima’s father is the one who begins speaking.
Rudra: Right here is the bride has arrived. Welcome your can be new household Riddhu.
Riddhima has bought shocked.

She wasn’t understanding what her father has simply informed her now.
Her shock and shock have been very excessive.
So she wasn’t ready to reply to what he has mentioned to her and she or he has instantly left from there and went to her room.
Then Aryan has adopted her.

Riddhima’s mother and father bought very embarrassed after what Riddhima has achieved, however they’ve tried to regulate the state of affairs.
At Riddhima’s room, Riddhima was nonetheless isn’t in a position to settle for what she has heard it.

She was confused, shocked, and stunned.
She was attempting to assume calmly, however what her father has mentioned to her has vanished any option to assume calmly with it.
When Aryan has entered, she has bought so indignant on him.

She didn’t has given him the possibility to say something.
Riddhima( being indignant): How this has occurred and also you didn’t have informed me Aryan?! How mother and pa may have deliberate one thing like that which has reached to make these individuals come immediately and also you didn’t have thought to inform me about it?! You’re the most one who is aware of how I hate organize marriages and I might by no means settle for marrying on this manner so how you may go away them do such a factor?! How Aryan?! You’re purported to be my brother and the one one who understands me on this world so how you may go away them do this with me?! How Aryan how?!!!!!
Aryan wasn’t in a position to say something as Riddhima wasn’t giving him the possibility to say a phrase.
Her anger was very noticeable.
She was so shattered and damaged.
Then Aryan has got here close to her.

Aryan: Please Riddhima loosen up and attempt to take heed to me. You know the way a lot I like you and I care about you. So how I may go away you be putted in such a lure?!
Riddhima: So why you didn’t have informed me about that earlier than?!
He has got here nearer to her.
Then he has hugged her a sibling hug to calm her down.
Aryan: You already know our mother and father Riddhima. You know the way mother and pa are so strict about such issues and so they have by no means allowed me to inform you something as they have been understanding that you’ll by no means settle for that when you have recognized it from a very long time in order that’s why they’ve determined to rearrange every little thing out of your again so that you couldn’t be capable to get out.
Riddhima: Actually?! And so they imagine that I’ll keep fairly and go away them destroy my life?! I’ll by no means settle for this marriage. I can’t be the bride of this man who I don’t even know his title.
Rudra: You’ll settle for the wedding Riddhima and you’ll marry this man. You’ll marry a really profitable and good man. You’ll marry Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima has appeared at her room after he has mentioned these phrases.
Riddhima has bought shocked when she has recognized the title of the person that she is meant to marry him.
Riddhima: What?! Vansh Rai Singhania?!!!! No, that is unattainable. I’ll by no means marry this man. By no means.
Aryan has bought shocked when he has recognized that Riddhima already knew her can be husband.
Aryan: Are you aware him Riddhima?
Riddhima: Sure. Sadly I knew him.
Riddhima’s POV begins:
I wasn’t anticipating that this present day will finish on this heartbreaking manner.
I used to be in an excellent temper till I’ve returned to dwelling.
I’ve bought shocked with this sudden determination that my mother and father have taken it with out considering for a second in taking my opinion on it.
They knew how a lot I hate the concept of organize marriage so how they may do that to me??
How they may organize my marriage and simply make me know like all regular individual as if I’m not the one who will spend her entire life with this man that she doesn’t know something about him?!
Not solely that but in addition that this man might be essentially the most conceited man in the entire world Mr. Vansh Rai Singhania!!!
I’ve met this strict and impolite man twice in my life.
Throughout these two instances, I needed that I may by no means meet him as soon as once more and even hear about his title.
The primary time I’ve met him on it was on a small accident when my scooter has crushed on his automobile.
He was so impolite and he was simply seeing that I’m the one who has achieved a mistake and he was treating me as if I’m his employee!!
Then I used to be so unfortunate to satisfy him as soon as once more at my faculty as he has bought invited to speak about his life that’s purported to be an “inspirational” one to the scholars.
I might always remember how he was giving me a really strict seems to be.
Really, he didn’t even made me full attending this lecture and he has given any foolish excuse and has made me bought out from the lecture!
I’ve by no means skilled such a state of affairs earlier than.
Nobody in the entire world has simply thought for a second to deal with me on this impolite manner.
And now they’re telling me that I’ve to marry this impolite Vansh Rai Singhania.
By no means.
Simply on my useless physique.
I’ll by no means marry this man.
I’ve began telling dad every little thing has occurred between that Vansh and I in the course of the two instances that we’ve met on it.
I’ve tried my finest to make dad be conceived from my phrases.
I used to be attempting to make him perceive how I’ll endure in marring such a person.
I used to be so shattered and indignant whereas we have been being on this debate.

I used to be attempting to make him perceive, however he wasn’t altering his thoughts.
He was insisting on the concept Vansh Rai Singhania is the most effective husband for me.
Dad: Riddhima darling please attempt to perceive beta. Vansh is the most effective associate for you. What has occurred between you each throughout these two instances that you just each have met on it’s only a misunderstanding. I’m certain that when you have given him one other likelihood you’ll change your standpoint on him. You simply have to provide him a second likelihood and don’t stick on only one or two conferences.
Me: Dad, I’ll by no means change my standpoint. I’ll by no means marry this man and I’ll by no means get married in an organize marriage.
Dad begins to look indignant.
Dad: If I’m speaking to you in a relaxed manner, this doesn’t imply that you may say something and I might be silent. I’m not taking your opinion Riddhima. I’m simply informing you about what is going to occur. You’ll marry Vansh Rai Singhania within the subsequent 2 days and this can be a closing determination that can by no means be modified. So it’s higher so that you can settle for it with pleased soul as your mom and I’ve already favored Vansh and his household and we’ve confirmed this marriage.
I wasn’t in a position to perceive or settle for what dad was saying!
Riddhima’s POV ends.
Rudra has left Riddhima after he has informed her this stunning and heartbreaking determination.
Riddhima was very shocked and shattered.

She wasn’t accepting that she might be compelled to spend her entire life with a person that she doesn’t know him and she or he doesn’t love him.
She was crying a lot and she or he was being in a really unhealthy state.

At VR mansion, Vansh’s entire members of the family have been being very pleased with the conforming of Vansh’s marriage.
However Vansh wasn’t displaying the identical happiness.
He was being so upset and wasn’t accepting this marriage.

Vansh’s POV begins:
The wedding date bought confirmed now.
I’ll marry this woman that known as Riddhima after simply 2 days.
I’m not pleased with this marriage.
I don’t know this woman so how I may marry her?!
I hate organize marriages.
Really, I hate marriages as an entire.
I don’t wish to get married.
I’m advantageous alone. So what’s the cause to get married?!
I’ve simply bought compelled to simply accept this marriage for the sake of my household as a result of I can’t refuse something they ask me about it.
However inside me I actually don’t need this marriage.
Really, I used to be observing how she has bought shocked when she has heard about marriage and that signifies that she additionally doesn’t need this marriage.
So what’s the cause of this silly marriage if neither the bride nor the groom desires this marriage?!!!
I’m not that sort of males that might permit any woman to refuse him, however this was the primary time that I used to be wishing that her household may name off this marriage.

However sadly this didn’t has occurred and so they have confirmed the wedding!!!
Really, nonetheless I’m being stunned to know that she is the woman that I ought to marry her.
She is identical woman who has stunned me together with her angle.
She is identical woman who has that impolite angle and has irritated me so much!
This is identical woman that I’ll marry her?!
I actually don’t understand how from all the ladies which are being in the entire world this woman is the one who I’ve to marry her?!
No, I’ll by no means settle for this marriage.
I’ll by no means ever marry you Riddhima Rathour.
Vansh’s POV ends.
Riddhima was at her room being so damaged.
Riddhima to herself: I’ll by no means permit my mother and father to destroy my life. My organize marriage with Vansh Rai Singhania is sort of a dying to me and I’ll by no means settle for it. I’ll by no means settle for this marriage.
Not solely Riddhima who was considering on this identical manner, but in addition Vansh was fascinated with the identical factor on the identical time.
Each of them have been nearly saying the identical phrases.
Riddhima to herself( at her room): That is an organize marriage with unacceptable feeling and it’ll by no means occur.
Vansh to himself( at his room): That is simply an organize marriage with a sharing of the unacceptable between each of us and it’ll by no means occur.
Riddhima to herself( at her room): I’ve to do something to cease this marriage with it.
Vansh to himself( at his room): I’ve to destroy this marriage earlier than it occurs.














The tip of the primary a part of this os. I hope you prefer it. I feel that this os may take some elements till it end nonetheless I don’t know. As I’m getting ready some stuff and I wish to painting some stuff and a few scenes so let’s see how elements it can take. I hope that you’ve loved it guys and do inform me your opinion on the feedback. Do remark so many feedback guys as all of yours help is the factor that encourages me to finish writing os episodes. I might be ready for all of yours feedback to know if I’ll write the following half or not. Your reply here’s what will make me know if I’ll write the following half or not. I hope that you may remark so many feedback and break the dear file of my feedback file. So please guys preserve supporting me the way in which you might be doing. Please guys don’t neglect your suggestions within the remark part under.

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