#RIANSH – BEING A WOMAN!!! – #PART – 3 – Weezersongs

Kabir (yell): Simply shut up Riddhima! What’s this brother, brother, brother!! I informed you proper I by no means felt you as my sister as a result of I all the time needed you on my mattress. And… should you felt me as your brother then that’s not my situation and didn’t, didn’t I let you know should you nonetheless need me to be your brother then I may be from tomorrow however tonight you might be my need and starvation. So, simply shut your blo*dy mouth

He all of a sudden pulled my dupatta from round his neck and gaged it onto my mouth in order that I can’t shout anymore. Tears rolling down my eyes messing with myself. His eyes depict a beast with coly icy venom eyes. He begins undressing himself and throwing his shirt and trousers someplace, he as soon as once more hovers over me along with his boxers on and begins caressing my thighs, biting them, licking them, and …… and he cups my vagina. Squealing I suck in a pointy breath as he was rubbing it roughly with my panties on. I shake my physique vigorously attempting laborious to eliminate him and this torture. He in a go pulls my panties off and stares at my vag with pure avidity as I wrestle beneath him attempting my laborious to get myself off this torture. He begins inserting his fingers thrusting them out and in pleasuring himself torturing me. He bends and begins kissing, sucking,, and licking my bud satisfying his fantasies. As I attempt laborious to drag myself out. He as soon as once more comes over, biting my nape, my shoulders, cupping my br*asts, and sucking them whereas his fingers as soon as once more thrust into me giving me immense ache and pleasure to him. The continual shouting and now being gaged makes my throat dry however I hold all my energy to combat this beast however I don’t understand how even after being intoxicated, he has all of the energy to harm me to this extent. He doesn’t cease along with his torture; he was inserting sloppy kisses throughout my physique. Pulling the gag to my neck, he closes my mouth along with his mouth or largely his tongue which is licking my lips and is attempting to discover each inch of my mouth making me wince. Chewing and nibbling on my lips till they bleed and are puffy. I can’t nonetheless digest that am being …. Am being raped by the individual whom I belief and assumed to be my brotherly determine. That determine was a beast with hidden motives planning and plotting in opposition to me for months. He as soon as once more roughly palms my br*asts till they go away in bruises along with his bites.

He as soon as once more gags my mouth and main himself down my vagina, he along with his knees, wides my legs as per his consolation, he as soon as once more begins licking and biting my vag earlier than eliminating his boxers and now his erection is of starvation to thrust me. He …. He locations his erection in close to the entry of my clit and with entire power, ……. He…… (chi!!!! I nonetheless can’t consider I used to be raped and people touches and thrusts nonetheless hang-out me until date) he enters my clit making me wince in immense ache and my this ache is giving him pleasure as I see him moaning and groaning as he thrusts up and down making me yell behind the gag. He retains on grinding in opposition to me assaulting my neck licking and sucking as his different hand is fisting my hair. A brand new set of scorching tears roll my eyes unable to bear his this torture and all my pleads go unheard by him. He spreads my legs extra wider whereas he goes deeper and deeper inside me leaving scars on my soul and me. He was utterly ruining me from inside and outside. The headboard was slamming hardly into the partitions due to his thrusts. With every motion of his in me I whimper in agonizing ache. Immediately the door opens and there stands Ashok with one other individual behind him and so they each had shocked expressions on their faces and this brings me a hope that I may be saved at the least earlier than I die and I transfer my physique vigorously pleading with them to assist whereas Kabir glares me after which at them along with his mouth large open

Ashok: What the hell Kabir!!!

Kabir bought off me and taking it as a possibility, I purchased my palms from my head and held onto the bedsheet I discovered and wrapping it anyhow with my tied palms and with somewhat hope I ran limping in the direction of Ashok as he was the one identified individual to me. With tears rolling and damaged voice, I lastly managed to talk one thing

Me (stammering): Hel…. p!!! assist!!! Assist As…..hok!!!

He held me with my shoulders and threw daggers in the direction of Kabir whereas he was sweating and

Ashok: What the hell was occurring Kabir!!! How the hell you may do that!!!

Kabir (stammering): Ashok…. Hear… to me

Individual: Shut up Kabir! We didn’t anticipate this from you

Kabir: Vyom please take heed to me b…. earlier than assuming any…factor

Ashok: Simply shut up Kabir! I and Vyom aren’t right here to take heed to your blabbering

My chest was rising excessive with all that occurred and I used to be attempting laborious to digest the whole lot and was obtrusive at at Kabir with disgust after I felt the maintain of Ashok on me was getting a bit tighter and I might really feel it sliding down and to my horror, his palms reached my hip and my breaths had been as soon as once more larger as I rotated to see Ashok and the opposite individual whom Kabir referred as Vyom. That they had a glint of their eyes and the evilness I noticed in Kabir’s eyes few minutes again or a number of hours again was now being mirrored of their eyes. My coronary heart skipped a beat as now beast was not one however three. I bought off Ashok’s grip and was stepping again whereas they each took a step in the direction of me with my each step again with a smirk on their lips and concern clearly seen in my eyes and physique. As I stepped again, I hit onto a physique, and that after I realized it was Kabir and I used to be surrounded by three monsters ready to have their share of meal i.e., me. I attempted to flee because the door was open and as I used to be about to, Vyom closed the door with a smirk as I used to be pulled again in opposition to one other physique and as I rotated, I noticed it was Ashok with a smirk whereas Kabir and Vyom had been laughing.

Ashok: Didn’t we determine to get pleasure from collectively Kabir!

Vyom: How might you not name us earlier than beginning the whole lot alone!!! Thank god we heard her cries and understood that you’ve got began

Ashok: So, we ran to have our personal time with this little b*t*h for whom we’ve got been ready for two months (evilness)

Vyom: Sure man!!! 2 months again while you confirmed us her pic, I swear I desperately needed her beneath me on my mattress, and eventually guys…. (Smirking)

Ashok: Sure, lastly all our desperation has given us the outcomes. Take a look at her how rattling scorching and s*xy she is even below that bedsheet. (lust)

Vyom: Now am imagining her with out that too (smirk)

Earlier than I might react or shout, I used to be as soon as once more pushed onto the mattress with Ashok over me and with a go he pulled the bedsheet which I coated on myself, and earlier than I might react, I might see him lusting over my physique along with his lips making their manner on me whereas I used to be transferring vigorously to eliminate him after which I felt one thing crawling on my thigs and legs, that’s when to my horror I noticed it was Vyom and Kabir making their manner for his or her pleasure. I used to be caught between 3 monsters hovering over me for his or her pleasures over my physique. (I by no means hated myself for being a lady until that day) As Ashok left my lips, they had been occupied by Vyom, they had been taking turns in torturing me, if one was licking my lips, the opposite was torturing my br*asts and the opposite was displaying his torture on my clit. In brief, all of the three had been having fun with on my physique whereas my shouts and cries had been unheard and so they gaged my mouth as soon as once more. As they stored on thrusting me, my throat was burning, my eyes which had life in them are actually empty with new tears flowing over the traces of previous tears. I felt myself ripping away off my soul. I simply need this to finish. A horrible petrifying nightmare that’s going to grab my life from me.

This ache of being thrusted repeatedly by three beasts was horrible. I simply don’t know if I might get off this earlier than I die or solely loss of life is the answer for my ordeal. However I believe loss of life is the one resolution, in any case, that’s occurring to me for hours. I don’t know when this may finish and all of a sudden the whole lot blacked out!!! I misplaced my senses and after a while after I bought my senses again, I felt immense ache in my decrease physique and I used to be transferring. My senses weren’t completely again, my eyes had been moist and the picture was a blur. I began blinking my eyes and that’s when the picture was clear, Vyom was over me thrusting me nonetheless, when the hell will this cease!!! Then the sensation of transferring got here again and after I tried to look at the environment, I noticed I used to be in a transferring automobile, the truth is, a automobile. This bastard was thrusting me and having pleasure even within the automobile. Wasn’t he glad with what they did to me within the farmhouse!!! I disgust myself for ever coming right here. Why didn’t I nonetheless die? Dying is the one resolution for all my ache to fade!!!! That’s when breaking my ideas, he releases himself off me and attire himself. My wrists are aching after I notice my wrists are free from that belt and …. Wtf!!!!! Am…. Am complete nude and all of a sudden I really feel a push and……nooooo!!!!!!! They pushed me off the working automobile and with out even turning round to see what occurred to me they drove off leaving me on the street nude all on my own. Vaise bhi I deserve this torment for trusting the fallacious individual and coming all the best way to a secluded farmhouse with out even considering twice. I don’t know until after I was there in the midst of the street with many autos going by seeing me and nonetheless not bothering to cease their automobile to see what occurred to me. I didn’t know until after I was on that street ready for assist, my voice wasn’t leaving my chords, my throat was dried and my palms, lips, cheeks, and all my physique elements had been bruised and bleeding. At midnight, in the midst of the street with many flashes of lights passing within the type of autos, not even a single automobile has stopped to care to assist this untrue, half-dead lady!!! These flashes had been making my view even blurred and this ache over my physique is making me really feel like killing myself. Why didn’t they kill me completely as an alternative of killing me half!!! My sniffing energy was not as ordinary as in, I felt one thing else mixing in my breaths. And my lips too had one thing on them, as my eyes fell over my lips I felt one thing there however the darkness and my moist eyes betrayed me in figuring out what that was. I attempted to the touch my lips and nostril however bruises on my palms and lips I winced and after I lastly felt one thing on my fingertips I might simply establish that it’s some substance however what? No Thought!!! And I even was not in any sense to grasp that substance.


Good day!!! So, all that occurred 12 months again, and now I don’t know if am high quality or not however positively am not completely damaged! You could be questioning how I used to be saved or if I used to be saved then who it was, proper!!! Okay earlier than that I must let you know why am right here and the place I’m. So, am in Marine Drive, ready for somebody who saved me on that untrue night time. That individual isn’t any unknown to me. We met after 12 years and see the irony, how we met!!! Any individual would anticipate to fulfill their long-lost buddies or individuals in a pleasant atmosphere however we each met one another in such circumstances the place that individual felt pity to seek out me on the street nude, wounded, bleeding, breathless & half-dead.

Acha, we’ll talk about about that later however… am at present right here as that individual requested me to be right here by 4 pm to entertain you all and introduce myself in the meantime he’d be right here and see!!! Uff!!! This individual exhibits to the world that there isn’t any individual as punctual as them however see the fact, given a time however that individual continues to be not right here!!! Right now am going to kill that individual…. That’s after I hear a voice and guys guess what I do know the proprietor of this voice,

: Am sorry Riddhu!!!

I flip round to seek out the individual standing with pet eyes, did I let you know guys that every time this individual makes these faces, I really feel like pulling these cute cheeks which they hate. Wait, let me introduce you to that individual however earlier than that allow me deal with this individual

Me (pretend anger): What’s the time?

: It’s round 5:30 pm (sticking the tongue out)

Me: When did you ask me to be right here?

: It’s 4 pm!!! Riddhu, I do know you might be offended however let’s have this combat a bit later in any case this ends!!! I don’t need to lose my respect in entrance of all these individuals so, please……

Me: Simply shut up!!! If you end up conscious that I’ll react this fashion and at present your identify and fame aren’t going that can assist you save your self from me then how dare you to achieve late? Wasn’t that you simply who scheduled the time for this assembly and this spot?

: I do know baba!!! It’s simply that ki…. I used to be …. Aa…. I used to be caught in a world assembly

Me: So, can’t you reschedule this assembly and we might have met after your assembly proper!

: I do know, however I believed you’d handle to some extent so… you realize…

Me: Shut up!!!! Now, you’ll face the results of being late. You’re the one who units guidelines and laws and now you’re the one who’s late. Now pay for that

: Riddhu, please perceive look everyone seems to be gazing me and that is so embarrassing, please!!! It’s my request, I’ll pay for making you wait in any case that is performed. Until then we could please sit and relax and proceed what you began (pleading eyes)


Good day, Guys!!! I do know many requested to save lots of Riddhima however at present I need to deliver one thing into the sunshine. Although the entire story isn’t true however I’ve added this molestation half after witnessing a lady being molested by 3 males 5 years in the past. I’ve identified that lady for years and on that untrue night time, she visited certainly one of her good friend’s place (a lady not a boy’s place) for some small occasion. She was about to go away however the woman’s brother and his buddies brutally raped her and her non-public elements had been so bruised. Municipality individuals discovered her mendacity in the midst of the street the subsequent day morning and when she was shifted to hospital, the medical doctors knowledgeable her dad and mom, and police too arrived because it was a rape case. Even I used to be there together with her dad and mom the truth is even my dad and mom had been there, we had been neighbors so we went together with her dad and mom to offer them help. With a lot problem when the woman narrated the entire incident everybody was aghast and was in teras. The mere considered how she confronted all that was insufferable. After preventing for few hours she left this world. Sure, she died that day simply after few hours of giving her assertion in opposition to her molesters.  Guess what her dad and mom did when Chargesheet was filed in opposition to these bastards, her dad and mom intimidated the police to shut the case and never deliver this matter out in public and their purpose for that was


Below stress from her household, the case wasn’t filed and he or she was cremated with none data. That night time her soul left this hell to achieve heaven with out getting justice. Her household left this neighborhood and settled of their village and knowledgeable everybody that their daughter met with an accident and handed away and so not having the ability to reside within the metropolis the place her recollections are current they moved to their village. These culprits are nonetheless roaming free with out being punished!!!!

The one purpose I hate society!!!!!!!!!! The place the hell was this society when she was raped? the place was this society once they threw her on the street to die? How can her personal dad and mom not ask Justice for her loss of life? Why the hell did they select Society over their very own daughter who was on loss of life mattress when she gave her assertion with the hope that her dad and mom would help her and provides her justice??? IS SOCIETY MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEIR OWN DAUGHTER???? 

That day we tried our greatest to persuade them to file a case and combat for justice of their daughter’s soul however they had been adamant to not lose their respect however had been keen to see their daughter go away this world!!! It’s been 5 years and nonetheless, JUSTICE WASN’T SERVED to her!!! Not everybody will get a savior of their lives typically their very own dad and mom are in opposition to getting justice for no matter occurs with their daughters!!! Am sorry if I damage anybody with this assertion however I’ve seen it and skilled it in entrance of my eyes so couldn’t maintain again my feelings and blurt my coronary heart out. 

Although that lady didn’t get her share of justice, I’m attempting to serve justice to riddhima. Coming to the monitor, let’s see how this story unfolds. Who’s her savior? What’s the relation between them? Did she get her justice? Who helped her? What’s her father or mother’s stand on this? Will they know? AM attempting my finest to offer justice to that soul which left this world 5 years again with the justice am planning to offer to riddhima!!! I hope you all will help me!!!


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