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I’m carried out with my exams😍😍😍! I used to be very joyful par kehte hai na khushi zyada der tak nhi rukti..I obtained a lot vacation homework 🙃🤣🤣🤣😂. Aarushi and parita..you each thought the identical like me🙈🤣🤣🤣😂. I obtained 136 feedback on the earlier episode.. together with mine..🥳❤️❤️!



The episode begins with:


Subsequent morning:


Riddhima wakes up. She finds herself in a room.


Riddhima: I’m right here…how..I and vansh had been in that small curtain mattress..then right here..(noticing one thing) my garments…they’re modified (shock)ek dum se waqt Badal diye.. jagah badal di..kapde badal diye🙃😂😂😂


She holds her head.


Riddhima (shouting): vansh.. vansh..


Vansh involves her.


Vansh: what occurred Sweetheart!!


Riddhima: vansh..how come I’m right here..my garments are modified how!!(concern)


Vansh: sweetheart you don’t bear in mind something that occurred final evening(smirk)


Riddhima: what..what occurred..vansh(concern)


Vansh blushes😂.


Riddhima: vansh inform me…it’s freaking me..


Vansh: Sweetheart!! How will you neglect that lovely evening..


Riddhima: lovely evening…(shock)


Vansh: ya..take a look at your garments.. Sweetheart.. you might be sporting my shirt.


She will get shocked.


Riddhima: oh no..how can I do that..no no..this will’t occur.


Vansh: sweetheart..


Riddhima: no..this will’t occur..how can I do that.


She begins crying. Vansh was not capable of see her crying so he determined to inform her the reality.


Vansh: shh.. sweetheart..don’t cry..I used to be simply joking.. nothing occurred.


Riddhima: what..then how come I’m right here..and in these garments.


Vansh: really at evening you slept there solely..so I introduced you right here to the mattress..however you had been wanting very uncomfortable in these garments so..


Riddhima(reducing him in between): so what did you do(concern)


Vansh: chill out sweetheart!! I talked to the lodge supervisor to ship a lady that may change you gown!!


Riddhima(reduction): oh okay!!


Vansh smiles.


Riddhima: however you..lier..I can’t speak to you!!


Vansh: Riddhima..


She will get up and was about to go away however vansh pulls her by her waist.


Riddhima: vansh..depart me..I’m offended from you..


Vansh: is it so?? My sweetheart is offended.


He was again hugging her. He kissed her neck.



Vansh: I like you sweetheart..


Riddhima: however I’m offended..(pout)


Vansh kisses on her cheek. Then he turns her in order that she was dealing with her. He then kissed her on her different cheek. Then her brow. Then her hand. Then he kissed her ear.


Vansh: sweetheart!! Now you might be joyful!!


She blushes and nods.


He then lifts her up after which make her sit within the automobile.


Riddhima: the place are you taking me??


Vansh: clearly residence..


Riddhima: how will I’m going to residence on this state..let me first put on my that gown during which I got here.


Vansh: oh okay


They each go to the lodge room and clean up after which vansh drops Riddhima to malhotra mansion and goes to VR mansion. Each quietely sneaks contained in the mansion and get modified. Then they each come down of their respective mansions. After having the breakfast they depart to school.


At VR school:


Riddhima enters inside and heads to the category. Quickly vansh additionally got here and everybody greeted him.


Ritika: riddhi..you realize you bought saved that day.. as a result of vansh sir took you with him.. however all of us need to face that punishment.


Riddhima: ya..he’s mad..he fought with me..and punished you all.


Kirti: we obtained punished in your fights..(pout)


Riddhima laughs.


Vansh: sweetheart!!


Everybody appears to be like at him.


Vansh(embarassed): sorry..I imply Riddhima..voh..your task. Take it.


Riddhima additionally will get embarassed and goes to take the task. He provides the task to her. She holds it however he was not giving her it. One facet was being holded by vansh and one by Riddhima. They had been having an intense eyelock. The entire class appears to be vanished for them.



Teri Nazar Ne Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mujhse Hello Mujhko Juda Kar Diya


Teri Nazar Ne Ye Kya Kar Diya

Mujhse Hello Mujhko Juda Kar Diya

Important Rehta Hoon Tere Paas Kahin

Ab Mujhko Mera Ehsaas Nahi

Dil Kehta Hai Bas Mujhe


Ke Thoda Thoda Pyaar Hua Tumse

Ke Thoda Ikraar Hua Tumse

Ke Thoda Thoda Pyaar Hua Tumse

Ke Thoda Ikraar Hua Tumse

Ke Jyada Bhi Hoga Tumhi Se

Ke Thoda Ikraar Hua Tumse



Ahana involves them and break their eyelock.(is ke baare mein fundamental bhul gayi thi..because of annoying consumer I imply anjali to make me remind this chipkali🙃😂😂😂😂)


Riddhima: what the hell would you like!!(irritated)


Ahana: have I talked to you!!(to vansh) sir (sweetly)


Vansh: what the hell(irritated)


Ahana: sir my task (sweetly)


Ahana(considering): now I’ll get an opportunity to carry his hand.


Vansh: you might have wait in your flip..nicely..take it now.


Vansh offers Ahana’s task to Riddhima and asks her to provide it to her. Riddhima offers the task to Ahana whereas she takes it giving a annoying look (bichari ke armanon pe paani fir gaya🙃😂)


That’s all for right this moment. Some readers had been asking for faculty scenes so I gave it. In subsequent replace inform me if you need extra school scenes..I’ll give it❤️❤️! Take care ❤️!

















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