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The episode begins with Beautiful attempting to precise her concern to Dev Rishi however he shouts her to to not intervene in between the Havan being carried out however to focus on no matter informed to do.
Dev Rishi warns all people to maintain eyes closed & rice grains ought to be tightly maintain throughout the palms because the rice grains given will flip into purple of that particular person’s palms whoever the wrongdoer is whereas all develop into alert about it. Dev Rishi is transferring in direction of each particular person to look at physique languages of all people however sees Devesh watching his rice & feels comfortable pondering it’s nonetheless white however Dev Rishi doubts on him therefore makes use of a powder to move on him by which he turns into unstable whereas Mata Alerts Swati.
Swati together with Indresh & Dev Rishi take him inside for interrogation & Dev Rishi is throwing water on his face to reveal the reality. Swati asks Indresh is it proper to torture him this manner if he won’t be the wrongdoer however Indresh tells her that is simply easy torture or you understand how police makes use of third diploma therefore Dev Rishi is forcing Devesh & he’s reminding concerning the incidences occurred with him & says that I by no means needed to kill anyone & Dev Rishi asks him shouting whom you weren’t wished to kill & says that I used to be attempting to encourage the Supervisor & workers once I knew that they had been really meals poisoning so I bribed them to kill Indresh for reaching Swati whereas Swati & Indresh are shocked. Indresh asks Devesh holding his shirt that who killed Bunny & he says unstably that I noticed Supervisor & the workers operating whereas Honey & Bunny following them however after someday gunshot was heard which killed Bunny. Swati says that it means Devesh didn’t kill Bunny as an alternative he solely tried to plan towards Indresh it appears.
Dev Rishi once more goes inside taking Devesh additionally in Havan room to attempt bringing reality from different individuals too. Dev Rishi is doing his job saying that the particular person would possibly shake on this course of additionally whereas Samiksha sees her father shaking & she will get up in match of rage taking out her gun pointing in direction of him saying that to cease this drama & settle for your crime. She takes him inside his room to make him remind of her mom’s killing incidence. Swati tries to cease her however in useless therefore she too follows her together with Indresh & Dev Rishi intimates different individuals to remain in the identical place till he returns. Samiksha is warning her father to simply accept his crime or she’ll shoot whereas Swati is available in between to cease her telling that he’s your father who can’t do that however she tells her that you simply don’t know his precise face behind him. Samiksha’s father can also be attempting to cease her crying in feelings however she as an alternative curses him.
Samiksha warns her father pointing the gun in direction of herself that to simply accept or she’ll kill herself & her father accepts saying that if you can be proud of my acceptance then I settle for that due to me your mom was killed & Swati tries to cease her.
Devi Polomi emerges interfering watching the drama & says that now lastly Swati has to die & she makes use of her powers to shoot the gunshot in direction of Swati who’s standing in entrance of Samiksha’s father which hits her however Mata Santoshi instantly emerges utilizing her powers for bullet to return in gun once more & warns Devi Polomi to to not intervene once more as intimated by her earlier & Devi Polomi leaves.
Samiksha will get scared & her father calms her down whereas Swati was additionally shocked of getting hit however was saved because of Mata’s blessings & Dev Rishi additionally praises Mata.
Swati explains Samiksha that to see your father isn’t the wrongdoer however solely due to you he accepted this error to avoid wasting you whereas her father additionally says that it was solely due to my ingesting behavior my spouse couldn’t be saved.
Dev Rishi together with all people go inside Havan room once more whereas Mata Santoshi intimates him that it’s time to reveal the reality of prison now.

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