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Chang Trapped!

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The Twisted recreation of Future-Pawri in VR Mansion ep. 27 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Episode begins

Vansh: (seeing everybody mingle) I want Riddhima you have been right here! I miss you

The lights immediately went dim, after which a voice lined your entire space, gaining everybody’s consideration.

Man: Girls and Gents, can I’ve your consideration. (pause) I gladly welcome you to considered one of my greatest buddy’s social gathering! Tonight is a really particular evening, not just for my buddy however for everybody.

One other man: (becoming a member of) Sure, this evening may be very younger. We’re going to have lots of enjoyable, educating some folks a couple of VR bombs and a few extra entertaining actions.

Vansh: Shivaay and Aman!! (elated) Welcome!!

The spot lights geared toward them and their faces have been proven as Shivaay and Aman. They smiled at everybody whereas Vansh ran to hug them on stage.

Vansh: lights on! (commanding) So everybody meet my buddies and enterprise parteners, Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Aman Junaid Khan!

Two girls from behind: And us?

Aman: How can we neglect you! Come Roshni!


Shivaay: Anika! Come

Anika: Shivaay appears to be like such as you forgot us! (pouting)

Roshni: Precisely, Khan baba? Why?

Aman: How can I neglect you jaan. Vansh meet our wives.

Vansh: After all I do know them! (laughing) Hope you each are properly as properly. (they nodded) Come let’s go meet the remaining.

Vansh took the 2 {couples} together with Raghav and Pallavi to the household the place they met and talked for a bit. Vansh observed the twins secluded in a nook understanding that it might be troublesome for them to mingle with everybody. He excused himself and took the three {couples} to them the place they talked.

Anika: you’re trying extraordinarily fairly Riva! (after intro)

Roshni: I agree, you might want to give us some ideas (laughing)

Shivaay: You each are actually candy to speak to. Yaar Vansh the place’s the latecomer?

Vansh: Latecomer? (realizing) Ohh Mahir, I informed him to return on time however this man I inform you!

Mahir: What do you need to inform me? (facet hugging him) You missed me!

Vansh: VR by no means misses somebody! (Smirk)

Bela: Roshni, Anika hello!! Hello Shivaay, hello Aman!! (all of them greeted) Good assembly you Riva and Rivan.

Vansh excused himself and gathered every member of the family to debate with the plan. He gazed on the watch repeatedly, ready for Kabir and Aryan to mark their entry earlier than Chang would arrive.

Dadi: The place are these two? (nervous)

Siya: Calm down dadi, I’m certain they should be coming. Name them

Sahil: Yea let me accomplish that. (calling) They’re not choosing.

Angre: (regarded in the direction of the door) They’re there! (pointing) What the!! (shocked)

Ishani, Siya and Dadi: Are you certain that is what you informed them to do? (suppressing their laughter)

Riva and Rivan: (shocked) Are they them? What did Kabir uncle do?

Vansh: That is unbelievable! I informed him to not mess up and there he’s!

Kabir and Aryan got here to them. Kabir was dressed as an Arab man whereas Aryan dressed as a Punjabi man with a turban. Their faces black in coloration.

Vansh: What the hell have you ever accomplished to your face? I informed you no make- up then why? (irritated)


Kabir: Bhai you already know what, he’s stated no make-up proper! Then why not we put this face pack, it would make our face glow at nighttime as properly!

Aryan: Do you need to be a bulb that you simply need to glow?

Kabir: Bhai, let’s strive it not less than! Anyway every little thing else is prepared so why not simply use this time to do that. (forcefully put it over Aryan after which over himself)

After an hour, Kabir bought up and used the washroom to test on his face pack. He eliminated the masks sheet and washed his face to solely see one thing he by no means imagined within the mirror. His face had turned charcoal black!

Kabir: Shit! What has this factor accomplished! How will I assist myself out of this mess! I promised I received’t mess up however now this! Uhh! (frustration) Bhai, oh God what if it occurs to bhai? No no, I’m going to sue this firm for such ineffective merchandise! It says (studying the pack) Charcoal used to whiten the face however right here it blackened my face! My poor face, my good-looking face! (caressing it)

Aryan: Kabir!!! (shouting)

Kabir: Bhai, oh no his can also be black!! (he rushes out to see Aryan’s face black)

Aryan: what the hell is that this Kabir! My complete face turned black, I informed you to not do something that will mess up every little thing!

Kabir: Bhai it’s not my fault it simply occurred!

Aryan: For those who had listened to me it wouldn’t have occurred!

Flashback ends

Aryan: It’s all this Kabir’s fault! He put this face pack of some I don’t know what model and substances and as an alternative face glowing it turned in to black!

Kabir: Bhai it’s a reliable firm and as per the substances it clearly talked about (lower by Vansh)

Vansh: Sufficient! You’ve already accomplished a lot, simply don’t’ add extra to it. Nobody cares in regards to the substances. (deep breathe) Now get on to your positions, Chang is coming. Kabir and Aryan you already know what to do proper! (they nodded) It’s recreation one!

They quickly went into their positions and shortly after Chang additionally arrived inside. He entered and observed Vansh smirking at him. He determined to only sit quietly and await the information he had truly bought. It was the information of a uncommon blue gold diamond. An Arab had introduced it to India, and a Punjabi was prepared to purchase it. They have been going to fulfill within the social gathering and listening to that, Chang considered coming to get the diamond off at a greater deal he would provide. He looked for the Arab and observed him on the nook. He bought as much as go to him however the relations saved on attempting to delay him.

Simply then the lights go dim, with solely disco lights on and a track began taking part in.  Vansh entered the dance flooring singing the lyrics.

Vansh: Toone kar di hai thodi dooriyan (eyeing Chang)

Angre: (becoming a member of) Daba ke rakhi dil mein sau farebiyan (eyeing Chang)

Sahil: (Becoming a member of) Elan hai yeh zakhmi jigar ka (eyeing Chang)

Shivaay: (becoming a member of) Hun vekh tamasha chhad gallan saariyan (eyeing Chang)

Raghav: (becoming a member of) Jhoothi mohabbat  (eyeing Chang)

Mahir: (Becoming a member of) hai teri fitrat (eyeing Chang)

Aman: (becoming a member of) Har martaba sau dafa toone kiya daga (eyeing Chang)

Rivan: (becoming a member of) Nasha tera, nasha nasheela nasheela hai


Allah duhai hai
Phir jaan pe aayi hai
Ab to tabahi hai
Haan tere pyaar mein (x2)

Zindagi tujhko kaise mod pe phir le aayi
Kuchh lamhon mein duniya se hogi teri rihayi
Tere ghunahon ki saza tujhe mile abhi
Hum bhi nahi chhodenge, na chhodega ilahi (eyeing Chang)

Chang was speaking to Kabir (Arab) and Aryan (Punjabi) whereas these two signed to the remaining that every little thing was going in line with the plan.

The women enter and sing and dance with the male together with Shayne and Anisha (I forgot abt them)

Bela: Junoon bhi tu

Anika: nasha bhi tu,

Pallavi: talab tu meri

Roshni: Mitana hai tujhi ko to yeh zid hai meri

Riva: Jayega tu kahan pe tujhi pe nazrein meri (eyeing Chang)

Ishani: Essential kar doon tabah tujhe yeh zid hai meri (eyeing Chang)

Siya: Nasha tera, nasha nasheela nasheela hai

All dance:

Allah duhai hai
Phir jaan pe aayi hai
Ab to tabahi hai
Haan tere pyaar mein (x2)

Whereas the track is about to finish, Kabir and Aryan pull Chang in to the center of the stage. The track ends and Chang decides to run away, and tries to sneak out nonetheless everybody surrounds him, capturing him.

Vansh: (smirking) Your time’s over!


Chang: how dare you betray me!! (anger)

Vansh: The way in which you dared to betray us! (shouts)


Woman: That is their location, let me go inside.

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