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I really like you Boss Half 5

Kabir noticed Pooja shivering on the mattress.He positioned her on his lap and askd:What occurred Pooja?

As Kabir touched her he realized that she has received fever.
He introduced mild meals for her:Eat this Pooja.
Pooja:No Kabir.Eat..it’s essential to take drugs.
He fed her meals.Pooja stared at him.He made her have drugs.

When Pooja was sleeping he sat close to her and checked out her.

Then he took moist material and put it on her brow.PK and Suman noticed this with a smile.
Suman:Kabir loves Pooja a lot..

PK:Sure.Pooja wouldn’t have gotten a greater husband than Kabir.

They smiled.

Pooja grew to become alright.
Kabir:How do you’re feeling Pooja now?
Pooja:I’m superb.Thanks a lot for caring for me.
Kabir:No want of thanks for this Pooja.You’re alright now.That’s greater than sufficient for me.

Kabir walked away.
Pooja:He’s so candy.




Pooja noticed Kabir cooking within the kitchen.
Pooja :Kabir…what are you doing?
Kabir:I’m cooking for papa and Maa.They accomplish that a lot for me.After being cherished by them I don’t really feel that I’m an orphan.So I’m cooking some dishes for them.
Pooja:That’s so cute. cooking?
Kabir:Ya..Within the orphanage itself we have been taught cooking as we needed to survive on our personal.
Pooja smiled.
Whereas reducing greens Kabir’s finger received harm:Aah…
Pooja:Oh no…
Pooja introduced first assist field and utilized ointment on his wound and bandaged it.
Kabir was misplaced in her.

Kabir:Thanks very a lot Pooja.
Pooja:No point out Kabir.You additionally took care of me after I was sick.That is nothing in comparison with that.

Thy smiled at one another.



After cooking Kabir served meals for all of them.
PK:How tasty the dishes are!

Suman:Even Pooja can’t prepare dinner such scrumptious meals such as you.

Kabir smiled.Pooja too cherished Kabir’s meals being cherished by her mother and father.
Kabir:Thanks very a lot.

She thought:Why I really feel so comfortable seeing my mother and father accepting Kabir?

PK and Suman went close to Pooja.
Pooja:Ji papa…
PK:I wish to thanks for loving Kabir with out bothering his standing and marrying him.It’s due to you that we received a loving son like Kabir.
Suman:To be frank Kabir loves us greater than you.
Seeing them getting emotional Pooja additionally received emotional.
PK:Now we realized how a lot you each love one another.So we’re transferring the property in your title.We considered giving a share to Kabir additionally.However he refused.

Pooja thought:Kabir is so good.
Suman:Kabir is simply too good Pooja.By no means ever go away him.

These phrases touched Pooja’s coronary heart.
Pooja thought:After I divorce Kabir he’ll lose mother and father’ love and my mother and father will lose a son like him additionally.It’s so painful.



Pooja and Kabir have been working collectively on a mission at dwelling.

Slowly Kabir fell sleepy and fell asleep on Pooja’s shoulder.

A smile appeared on Pooja’s face.

She remembered how Kabir taken care of her when she was unwell.After a while Kabir awoke.He realized that he was sleeping on Pooja’s shoulder with a humiliation and he moved away.
Kabir:I’m sorry…I…
Pooja:It’s okay Kabir.Loosen up.I perceive the state of affairs.
Kabir was relieved.
Pooja smiled considering:Kabir seems to be so cute.



After a number of days…

The sunshine went off and Pooja received scared.Abruptly she noticed Kabir shifting in the direction of her with a lit candle.
They each coated the flame with fingers.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa

She was relieved.She checked out him.

Pooja:Thanks Kabir.So you already know that I’m fearful of darkness.

Kabir:Sure,I bear in mind the whole lot about you Pooja.
They shared an intense eye lock.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa

Pooja thought:Why do I see love in Kabir’s eyes for me?
The lights got here.Pooja stored the candle on the desk and walked.
By mistake she ran into Kabir and each fell on the mattress.In that unintentional fall Kabir’s lips brushed her cheek.She received misplaced in that.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa

Slowly she checked out him.
They shared a passionate eye lock.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa

Kabir:I’m sorry.
Pooja:It’s okay.
Pooja who was on prime of Kabir tried to rise up.However her saree received caught upto his shirt button.She tried to take away it.

Kabir helped her to take away it.Their fingers received rubbed with every others.Each felt magical.

Jaane jaa, jaane jaa, jaaneman jaaneman jaanejaa(EBSS).

Pooja received up and walked away.
She touched her cheek blushing:I felt so good when Kabir….what sort of feeling is that this?Have I fallen in love with Kabir?
Pooja remembered Panditji telling within the temple that she and Kabir are made for one another couple.
She remembered Kabir and her doing a pair puja and PK saying that God will bind them collectively for the entire life time.She smiled.
Pooja:I really feel Kabir additionally loves me.
Abruptly she grew to become uninteresting:How can Kabir love a kadoos boss like me?



Pooja went to the household temple.
Pooja:God..I’m very confused.What i really feel is love or not?Is Kabir actually meant for me?
She closed her eyes tearfully.She noticed Kabir.

Tu hello toh jannat meri, Tu hello mera junoon
Tu hello to mannat meri, Tu hello rooh ka sukoon
Tu hello aakhion ki thandak, tu hello dil ki hai dastak
Aur kuch na janu mein, bas itna hello jaanu

She opened her eyes.She noticed Kabir smiling.

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Ohhhh hoooo ohh….

Quickly she realized that she was imagining Kabir there.
Pooja:Thanks God for clearing my confusions.I really like Kabir and like at all times I’ll win this time additionally.I’ll win the love I deserve y Kabir.Kabir is mine and i’ll get him for positive at any value.

Kabir was crying considering of Pooja.


Kaisi hai yeh doori, kaisi majboori
Meine nazron se tujhe choo liya
Oh ho ho Kabhi teri khusboo
Kabhi teri baatein

Bin mange yeh jahan pa liya
Tu hello dil ki hai raunak,
Tu hello janmo ki daulat
Aur kuch na janoo
Bas itna hello janoo
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu


Pooja imagined romancing Kabir.

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karuo
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karuo

Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil di dil vich vasdi
Nasdi nasdi nasdi, dil ro ve te nasdi
Rab Ne… Bana Di Jodi…..haiiiiii
Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil di dil vich vasdi
Nasdi nasdi nasdi, dil ro ve te nasdi



Kabir was imagining Pooja in every single place.

Cham cham aaye, mujhe tarsaye
Tera saaya ched ke chumta
Oh ho ho… tu jo muskaye
Tu jo sharmaye

Jaise mera hai khuda jhumta
Tu hello meri hai barkat, tu hello meri ibadat
Aur kuch na janu, bas itna hello janu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu

He even imagined Pooja sitting on the center of the street when he was strolling on the street.

Sajdhe sar jukhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu
Tujh mein rab dikhta hai
Yaara mein kya karu

Vasdi vasdi vasdi, dil di dil vich vasdi
Nasdi nasdi nasdi, dil ro ve te nasdi
Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.. haiiiiii(Rab ne bana di jodi).

Pooja went dwelling.
PK and Suman got here.
PK:Completely happy information.The properties are in your title Pooja.

Pooja and Kabir grew to become upset.
Kabir thought:It means it’s time for me to depart this home.My coronary heart is breaking.Why this destiny for me God?Why I’m at all times an orphan?
Pooja thought:I’m purported to be comfortable now.However I really feel very unhappy.Will Kabir determine to depart now as our mission is achieved?

Pooja went to the room.She noticed Kabir crying.Her coronary heart pained seeing him in ache.
Seeing Pooja there he wiped his tears.
Pooja turned again attempting to manage her tears.Kabir stored his hand on her shoulder.

She turned again wiping her tears.
Kabir:Congrats Pooja.You bought what you needed.Now our drama involves an finish.I’ll pack my bag.
Her coronary heart broke listening to that.
She thought:Kabir does’nt love me in any respect?How simply he determined to depart this home?

Kabir have been packing his baggage.Pooja checked out it.

Pooja:So prepared to depart?
Pooja checked out him painfully.

Judaa hum ho gaye maana
Magar yeh jaan lo jaana
Judaa hum ho gaye maana
Magar yeh jaan lo jaana

Pooja:Papa and Maa have gone out.Don’t you wish to say goodbye to them?
Kabir:No.I can’t say goodbye to them.It should break my coronary heart.I received’t be capable to management myself.So it’s higher to depart of their absence.
Pooja checked out him emotionally.

Kabhi foremost yaad aaun toh
Chale aana, chale aana
Tumhe foremost bhul jaaunga
Yeh baatein dil mein na laana

Kabhi foremost yaad aaun toh
Chale aana, chale aana

Pooja:Thanks for loving my mother and father this a lot.
Kabir:They love me quite a bit,that’s why I really like them unconditionally.I’ll miss them.
He was weeping.Pooja’s coronary heart pained.
Pooja:Kabir….you’ll miss solely my mother and father?Gained’t you miss me?

Kabir was surprised by her query.
Pooja:Say Kabir…received’t you miss me?

Tha kaun mera, ek tu hello tha
Saanson se zyada jo zaroori tha
Tere liye foremost kuch nahi lekin
Mere liye tu mera sab kuch tha

He suppressed his ache with out dealing with her.
Kabir:There isn’t a have to miss you as we shall be working collectively within the workplace as Boss and worker.

Nahi jaana bhula kar ke
Yeh baatein tum hello kehte the
Rahi khushiyan nahin meri
Ke tum bhi waqt jaise the

Pooja:Not as a boss..received’t you miss staying with me?Gained’t you miss me as your spouse?
Kabir was surprised.Kabir didn’t know what to say.

Tumhara tha rahega bhi
kare kya dil hai deewana

She mentioned emotionally:However I’ll miss you as my husband.I’ve fallen in love with you Kabir.
Kabir was so shocked that he grew to become numb.

Kabhi foremost yaad aaun toh
Chale aana, chale aana

Pooja:Please don’t go Kabir.In case you don’t love me it’s okay.At the least for our mother and father please proceed staying right here.

Kabhi foremost yaad aaun toh
Chale aana, chale aana

Abruptly he held her hand:I’ve at all times obeyed you my Boss.Now additionally I’ll obey you.I received’t go.

Maine tumhari baat maani hai
Maine manaya dil ko hai kaise
Abse raho tum khush jaha bhi ho
Mera tumhara tha bhi kya waise

Pooja:Only for the sake of obeying your Boss you’re staying right here?

Kabir:Sure.As a result of I really like my Boss.
Pooja was shocked realizing what he mentioned:What?

Bhale doori rahe jitni
Nigahon se nigahon ki

Kabir cupped her face in his fingers:I really like you Boss.
She blushed.

Magar khwabon ki duniya mein
Milunga tumse rozana

They each smiled fortunately and received right into a romantic embrace.

Yahin tak tha safar apna
Tumhe hai laut kar jaana
Kabhi foremost yaad aaun toh
Chale aana, chale aana

Na ra, na ra
Chale aana, chale aana…”De De Pyaar De” .


Kabir began his personal enterprise and have become a profitable enterprise man.Kabir and Pooja shared the very best enterprise man/lady of the yr trophy.
Kabir-Pooja had a cute son named Ayush.

Kabir Pooja PK Suman and Ayush lived fortunately collectively.

The Finish



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