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Episode begins with… 

The medical doctors treats each vansh and sejal. In the meantime, riddhima goes to the hospital temple. Riddhima thinks about kabir’s phrases.. 

RIDDHIMA: This isn’t my want. All this occurred due to me. However, what Kabir instructed was proper.. All are struggling due to me. What is going to I do now? Truly, even when I need to cry, I couldn’t cry. There may be not even a drop of tear left in my eyes. On this ten days I’ve cried a lot. Now, my solely prayer is each vansh and sejal ought to get effectively.. I don’t need something aside from this. If one thing occurs to them then, I can’t forgive myself. Please, assist me. Nothing ought to occur to each.. 

She closes her eyes and prays.. 

In the meantime on the hospital, the physician comes and informs all that sejal is out of hazard. 

ANGRE: What about vansh, physician? 

DOCTOR: Operation is profitable. He’s out of hazard. However, he’s nonetheless unconscious. You possibly can’t see him now.

KABIR: Can we see sejal?

DOCTOR: Sure.. However, don’t disturb her..

Kabir and others goes to see sejal. Kabir seems at sejal and cries.. 

ANGRE: Now, why do you need to cry? She is okay. You had been crying constantly. No less than now you must smile.. 

KABIR: You might be proper.. 

Sejal simply then, opens her eyes… 

KABIR: Sejal, you’ve got grown up. However, can’t you even cross the street correctly. Ought to I even educate you to cross the street? Why do you all the time behave unusual? 

SEJAL: As a result of, I’m one piece.

KABIR: Even I’m saying this. You might be one piece. I can’t get one other sejal even when I search on this complete world. Then, what is going to I do?

SEJAL: If you happen to fear a lot. Then, you must have been with me and brought care of me, proper? Why did you go? You received’t be there after I want you..

KABIR: Hereafter, I’ll be there with you. I received’t depart you alone. I’ll be all the time with you and educate you to care for your self. I’m going to torture you with my love..

Saying so, he cries.. 

SEJAL: If you’re going to be with me and care for me, then nothing will occur to me. In that case, why are you crying? And what did you say? You’ll torture me together with your love? Simply wait and watch. As soon as I get effectively, I’ll torture you with my love. I received’t even give an opportunity for you. I’ll make you do all my works and even put a situation that if you wish to dwell with me then, it’s a must to do these works..

KABIR: Why ought to I do it?

In the meantime ishani, sia and angre seems at one another seeing their dialog and struggle.. 

ANGRE: Wait.. Wait.. 

ISHANI: What occurred to you each?

SIA: You each may have stated I Love you rather than saying all this..

KABIR&SEJAL: I like you..

They each have a look at one another.. 

ANGRE: Truly, the reality is you each are one piece. There can’t be one other sejal in addition to one other Kabir..

ISHANI: Lastly, sejal you’ve got your life associate. I’ve thought many occasions as, who can be that unfortunate individual?

SEJAL: Unfortunate individual?

KABIR: Thank God! No less than you understood my downside..

SEJAL: Kabir, as soon as I get effectively I’ll kill you..

KABIR: I’m ready..

Sejal and different laughs.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what occurred to riddhima? The place is vansh bhai? What happend to aryan?

Angre tells her every thing about that occurred. 

SEJAL: Is bhai effective now? 

ANGRE: Don’t fear. He’s effective..

SEJAL: However bhai, the place is riddhima? I believed that she’ll be the primary individual to come back and see me. She will need to have completely damaged after listening to about me. The place did she go?

ANGRE: She has went to the temple?

Saying so, he indicators Kabir to not say something. 

Angre, ishani and sia comes out.. 

Simply then, the physician comes there.. 

DOCTOR: Vansh has regained aware. You all can see him. However, don’t disturb him.. 

SIA: You each go in. I’ll inform riddhima and comes..

Angre and ishani goes in. Sia calls riddhima and informs her about sejal and vansh. Riddhima will get comfortable and leaves the temple.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, are you effective? 

VANSH: Is riddhima effective? The place is she?

ISHANI: Bhai she is coming. Are you Okay?

VANSH: Don’t fear. I’m effective. Nothing will occur to me.

Simply then, riddhima comes there. Vansh will get comfortable seeing her effective. Riddhima sees vansh and smiles. Simply then, Kabir comes there. Riddhima sees him and thinks of his phrases.. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, lot of issues have occurred in these ten days. I want some break. So, I’m going to our home. Please, I don’t need any of you to disturb me for 2 days. Please perceive me. 

VANSH: Riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, please perceive me.. I want a while..

VANSH: Angre, is every thing effective? Why is she talking like this?

Riddhima indicators him to not inform something.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, there isn’t any want so that you can fear about me on a regular basis. Care for your well being. Please.. 

KABIR: Riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: I instructed that I don’t need any of you to disturb me. And this contains you too. Please.. How is sejal?

KABIR: She is okay. Care for her.

Saying so, riddhima goes. Vansh sees her going with out even him.. 

ANGRE: You all go and take relaxation. I’ll be with vansh and sejal. You all come by morning. 

Everybody leaves. Two days go. Riddhima hasn’t even come as soon as to see both sejal nor vansh. 

VANSH: Angre, when will mother come? 

ANGRE: I’ve known as her. She has some particular puja there, it appears. So, she’ll be coming by tomorrow..

VANSH: Okay.. Tremendous. Have you ever spoken to the physician? Lets depart?

ANGRE: All of the formalities acquired over. We will depart now. Physician has even discharged sejal. Ishani has gone to assist her. So, we will depart now..

Angre and vansh leaves the hospital together with sejal and ishani.. 

VANSH: Angre, go to your home? 


VANSH: Simply go..

SEJAL: Bhai, even I’ve to see riddhima. Take me there..

Angre and others attain AR Mansion.. 

Vansh sees riddhima sitting alone.. 

VANSH: Riddhima..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I do know that you just’ll be coming. Truly, on this two days I believed quite a bit. I’ve completed a largest mistake. It was my mistake. I, myself will make it proper. I believed quite a bit and eventually took this choice. Take this. That is the one method tk rectify my errors. That is good in your life. Please take this..

Saying so, she offers a envelope to him. Vansh takes it and opens it. He finds a paper inside it. He opens it and will get shocked.. 

PRECAP: I settle for her choice. Even I need her to be like that. However, there’s a small change in my half. He tears the papers. Riddhima and others will get shocked.. 

What do you suppose as riddhima’s choice can be? and what do you suppose as that paper is? Please, do additionally give your recommendations if any to be made.. 

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