Prachi and Ranbir (Pranbir) story Part 2 – Weezersongs

Prachi’s room:

She ran inside crying and shortly another person got here in.

Rhea:”wow Prachi. What a characterless lady! How dare you go close to Ranbir? Don’t overlook that he’s my fiancé. If i see you with Ranbir once more then I’ll overlook my promise of accepting mum. Due to you, I’ll hate mum. Don’t break my household. And keep in mind this… all of that is mine. My household… You might be nobody to us. Why don’t you simply depart and go some other place?”

Prachi seemed on as Rhea left the room. She locked her room and went in entrance of the mirror.

She picked up one thing and smashed it on the mirror. She cried taking a look at her reflection by means of the damaged items. She picked up a bit and stared at it.

After someday:

Prachi got here out of the washroom. Shahana known as her.

Shahana:”what is that this, Prachi? You didn’t come to satisfy me. I’m lacking you a lot. Please come right here.”

Prachi:”okay, okay. I’m coming.”

Prachi went to satisfy Shahana who pretended to be offended along with her. After a little bit of convincing, Shahana agreed.

Shahana:”what’s taking place there? Is somebody misbehaving with you? Rhea?”

Prachi:”no, baba. Everyone seems to be busy with Papa’s case. We’re combating collectively this time not towards one another. All of us need Papa to be free.”

Shahana:”then why are you so unhappy?”

Prachi nodded no.

Shahana:”Prachi, you received’t share it me as effectively?”

Prachi:”if there was something, i might have informed you.”


Prachi nodded.

They heard some noise exterior and got here out.

Tanu got here to Pragya and was speaking to her.

Tanu:”ohh, Prachi can be right here, nice. You took your daughter with you. I’d not have tolerated her in any respect. Take your nugatory daughter with you if you depart.”

Prachi seemed on sadly.

After giving the invitation card, Tanu left.

Prachi:”maa, you might be staying right here?”

Pragya nodded.

Prachi:”i will even keep.”

Pragya:”no Prachi. You return. Keep there.”

Prachi nodded.

When she was leaving, she noticed Tanu speaking to Abhijeet on the telephone.

(All the things that Pragya heard within the precise episode)

Prachi:”who’s he? Possibly he might help us.”

Prachi went again to Mehra’s home misplaced in her ideas.

She was going to her room when she ran into somebody.

Rhea:”ahh, you got here again. I believed you left. It will have been good however by no means thoughts.”

However Prachi was so misplaced that she didn’t hear what Rhea mentioned and left.

Rhea, to herself:”what occurred to her? Why ought to i care?”

Throughout the night time:

Prachi couldn’t sleep as she was considering the right way to discover out who’s that man to whom Tanu was speaking.

Prachi, to herself:”how will i discover out?”

She was considering when she observed somebody passing her door.

Prachi, to herself:”who would possibly or not it’s right now?”

She went out of her room to see. She adopted the shadow until the kitchen.

Prachi thought that it was a thief. She took a water bottle and observed two of them.

She was about to hit the one who had his again in the direction of her and screamed.

He put his hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming whereas the opposite reached for the lights.

Prachi closed her eyes and bit her attacker’s hand. He screamed a bit however then lined her mouth along with his different hand and spoke:” Prachi, it’s us.”

Prachi opened her eyes as she recognised the voice and noticed that it was certainly who she thought: Ranbir and the opposite one Aryan.

She was confused.

Ranbir:”don’t shout. You’ll get up everybody. And what are you doing?”

Prachi signed him about his hand however he didn’t get it.

Ranbir:”you have been simply shouting, and now that i’m asking you one thing, you aren’t answering.”

Aryan chuckled subsequent to them.

Aryan:”bro, she’s going to reply you if you take away your hand from her mouth.”

Ranbir checked out his hand and moved it.

Ranbir:”sorry. What are you doing right here?”

Prachi:”what are you each doing right here?”

Ranbir:”I requested first.”

Prachi:”i noticed your shadows and thought that somebody broke in. That’s why.”

Ranbir:”you thought we have been thieves. (Prachi nodded sure) So why did you come alone right here? It is best to have come to wake us up. What if something occurred to you?”

Prachi checked out him.

Prachi:”if i got here to you, the time you’d have taken to get up, the thief would have already stole and went away.”

Aryan:”that’s proper.” And laughed.

Ranbir:”you shut up.”

Prachi:”what are you two doing right here?”

Aryan:”we have been hungry.”

Prachi:”right now?”

Ranbir:”what to do? Starvation strikes anytime. And also you is perhaps hungry too, because you bit me so arduous.”

Prachi glared at him.

Aryan:”now that you’re right here. Please make one thing.”

Aryan requested her.


Each nodded.

Prachi started making the sandwiches, whereas the boys have been tending to Ranbir’s hand.

Aryan was attempting arduous to cover his laughter.

Ranbir:”don’t you dare chortle.”

And Aryan bursted in a match of laughter.

Ranbir nudged him.

Ranbir:”shut up.”

Prachi got here to them:”what occurred?”

Aryan, nonetheless laughing:”no lady has behaved like this with Ranbir. Everybody falls for his charms and also you… you bit him.”

Prachi:”is it hurting that a lot?”

Ranbir:”it’s okay. It will likely be superb.”

Prachi smiled frivolously at him and handed them the plate of sandwiches.

Aryan:”Prachi, why don’t you be a part of us? For sandwiches. (She was about to say no) Why am i even asking? (Aryan held her hand) let’s go.”

Aryan dragged her alongside they usually went to the pool facet.

The boys have been consuming and chatting fortunately however Prachi was simply staring on the water and was uncomfortable.

Why? Even she didn’t know.

Aryan, on noticing Prachi’s discomfort:”Prachi… (she checked out him) you recognize, we use to come back right here rather a lot in childhood. And this was Ranbir’s favourite half.”


He nodded.

Aryan:”he wouldn’t anticipate any of us and would come alone right here even late at night time.”

He took a cushion and hit Ranbir.

Ranbir:”bro… what was that for?”

Aryan:”for not ready for us…”

Ranbir:”what…” he couldn’t full his sentence as a result of Aryan hit him once more with the cushion.

Prachi chuckled seeing them.

Ranbir:”you might be additionally laughing? You wait.”

Ranbir additionally took a cushion and frivolously hit Prachi after which Aryan.

Aryan:”bro… you might be finished. It’s two towards one.” And handed a cushion to Prachi.

Ranbir checked out them.

Each Prachi and Aryan hit him with the cushion whereas he tried to flee them.

On one facet, Prachi and on the opposite facet Aryan have been hitting him.

Aryan’s telephone rang so he went apart to choose it up.

Pranbir continued the cushion struggle.

Ranbir held her hand and turned her round. Her again hit his chest and he held each her fingers.

Ranbir:”you might be having enjoyable beating me, proper? Now my flip.”

He launched her fingers solely to tickle her.

Prachi began to chortle and on the similar time tried to flee.


He continued and shortly Prachi was out of breath.

Prachi:”Sorry, sorry…please cease.”

Ranbir stopped. He quickly realized the place they’re in.

He was hugging her from behind and Prachi leaned into him to catch her breath.

He stiffened for a bit however then relaxed in to the hug. He was having fun with his moments along with her. The moments he longed for.

Prachi additionally realized their place. She grew nervous and was combating towards herself whether or not she ought to transfer again or simply take pleasure in it.

Aryan:”sorry guys…”

Ranbir launched her and each jerked away from one another.


Ranbir:”wh… who was it on the telephone?”

Aryan:”nobody…. come on. Allow us to sit for a bit.”

Ranbir nodded.

Aryan:”let’s have a blast right here as soon as Chief is launched. Swimming the entire night time. (Ranbir nodded) Prachi, you and Shahana ought to be a part of us as effectively.”

Prachi additionally nodded.

Prachi:”it’s late. We must always fall asleep.”

The boys agreed they usually all left for his or her room.




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