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Chahat is preparing, she opens the door when Godambari is available in ordering that she wouldn’t go to the interview, Chahat pleads along with her to not create any scene within the morning as a result of she is getting late for the interview, Godambari snatches her cell and he or she even pushes Chahat into the room locking her, Chahat begins screaming demanding that she open the door, Alka additionally comes asking what has occurred so Godambari says she would go together with Neel to the interview, Godambari explains that she is about to be the spouse of Neel so should handle him, she even performs loud music exterior stopping Chahat from even calling for assist.

Neel is ready for Chahat downstairs, she comes with Alka and explains that Alka is prepared so he can take her to the interview, the principal asks what’s taking so lengthy as a result of if the mother and father don’t include the interview, then it could create loads of downside, she even exclaims how irresponsible of them each, she orders Bopho to attend exterior.

Shlok asks Bopho for the cell saying he must name Neel, Neel will get a name however isn’t in a position to hear what Shlok tries to elucidate, Neel is livid, Godambari explains how she instructed they need to go away with Alka, Neel walks out, Alka palms the serviette in order that Neel sees the message and discover the reality, she is frightened so as soon as once more asks Neel to examine it, he’s shocked to learn the message and so runs again.

Shlok and Dua marvel what may need occurred, they are saying that each of their mother and father may need began combating, they plan to do one thing so the combating ends at which Dua says that she has discovered a manner and they might run away from the home as it’s the solely manner by which their mother and father would come to their senses.

Neel rushes into the home and opens the door. Chahat is tensed pondering that now they might get late for the interview, she hugs him tightly and even he’s not in a position to comprehend what is going on, they each rush out of the home, Godambari questions what Alka is making an attempt to do as a result of she has the correct to be the mom of Neel’s kids and if she permits Chahat to be his spouse, she wouldn’t have anywhere to go, Alka will get tensed listening to Godambari’s phrases.

Shlok says he has by no means run away from the home and fears if one thing occurs to them, Dua can also be tensed however exclaims they haven’t any different choice as their mother and father are repeatedly combating, they’re strolling after they see Neel and Chahat approaching the bike, each of really feel actually joyed. Neel loses his steadiness, they’re about to fall nonetheless are in a position to save one another, Chahat is shocked to see the youngsters so asks what they’re doing right here, they each are frightened when Dua lies saying that she misplaced her sharpener so was deciding to go and purchase and new one. Chahat asks why they’re going with out Bopho, Chahat and Neel ask them each to sit down as they’re already very late, the principal is actually offended informing they’re an hour late, Chahat and Neel each attempt to make an excuse however the principal explains since Dua is a brand new scholar she must give the check so they need to wait exterior.

Neel and Chahat are each combating whereas Dua is giving the check, she isn’t in a position to focus on the check and so tries her greatest to give attention to the check.

Ghazala is on the decision with the consultant of the financial institution questioning why are her playing cards not working, Sahil additionally enters with the lawyer explaining his playing cards are additionally not working, Ghazala questions what has occurred, the lawyer explains that MR Baig wrote a will in line with which his total property could be off his nephew and niece on their sixth birthday, so now the complete property belongs to Shlok and Dua, until the time they get mature Neel together with Chahat could be the custodian of that property listening to this Ghazala curses Mr Baig exclaiming earlier than his dying he had misplaced his thoughts but in addition made such a daring step, she asks for any manner during which they’ll retain the property, the lawyer reveals if they can get the custody of the youngsters solely then can they regain management over the property, Sahil asks what’s he saying as they may not be capable of get it until Chahat and Neel are alive, Ghazala explains there’s a manner as if she is ready to show that Neel and Chahat can’t be good mother and father she would as their Grand mom be capable of get their custody.

The principal checks the check of Dua, Shlok asks how she carried out to which the principal reveals she obtained ten out of twenty, she can not give admission to Dua, Shlok questions what occurred when Dua ready for the check, she explains she was not in a position to focus due to their mother and father, principal goes out, each Neel and Chahat ask how did she carry out, the principal explains she couldn’t carry out due to their combating however agrees to offer her the admission since she is a brilliant scholar, Neel blames Chahat for his or her combating, she explains they each should chorus themselves, Bopho additionally comes saying that they’re the rationale as a result of when he went to get the water, Dua left the observe, Neel is shocked to learn it which states that they know their mother and father could be combating in order that they each are operating away from the home and would by no means come again, Neel isn’t in a position to consider so sits down, Chahat can also be actually tensed and cries, he requests Chahat to cease crying, since they’ve realized the error then would additionally right it, she asks Nele to come back whereas Dua and Shlok are within the workplace.

Neel calls Dua, Chahat holding her ears kneels down whereas Neel additionally does the identical, they each apologize for his or her actions promising to by no means struggle once more, Shlok and Dua come to hug Chahat assuring that they promise to by no means struggle once more, she additionally explains that they each have determined to go on a dinner, Shlok together with Dua rush out of the workplace in pleasure.

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