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Hanuman touches Radha’s ft, and Radha wipes his tears. Mahadev seeing that tells Devi Gauri that at this time they noticed a brand new instance of mom and son’s love. Devi Gauri says Hanuman is a pure devotee and Mahadev’s ansh, the entire universe are proud to see a mom and son’s love through them. Mahadev says this second is superb. Gauri says Radha obtained again her recollections, so she is going to reunite with Krishna endlessly. Mahadev says Radha will neglect this reality in someday and nonetheless there may be time for Radha and Krishna’s reunity. Krishna thinks he’s proper, Radha’s recollections can’t return for someday. Krishna, Radha, and Balram present their divine type of Ram, Seeta, and Laxman. Gauri says its a mesmerizing visible and asks if Hanuman will stick with Krishna. Mahadev says Hanuman has to depart and solely aradhya and bhakt/devotee will resolve about it, allow us to see what they may do now.

Hanuman sees Dwarka being adorned and asks purpose. A person says Krishna requested to embellish Dwarka for a visitor’s farewell. Hanuman thinks if he’s that visitor, however he doesn’t need to go away from his prabhu; he has to do one thing and show his significance right here. He thinks of drawing rangoli after which thinks of asking Krishna himself. Radha sees temple being adorned and asks purpose from Krishna. Krishna says this temple is made for pranpratishta and folks from distant will go to this temple and expertise its divinity. Hanuman walks in and thinks his dilemma is cleared now, he walks to Krishna and says even he needs to assist him construct this temple. Krishna says there is no such thing as a want for that. Balram says he’s their visitor and may relaxation and settle for their hospitality. Hanumans says to not name him a visitor, he needs to remain again and serve prabhu. Balram says he’s serving his prabu since his got here, now he ought to relaxation and allow them to carry out his farewell quickly. Radha backs him. Hanuman says he needs to do one thing. Krishna additionally says he ought to relaxation. Balram calls him apart. Hanuman thinks his prabhu didn’t ask him to remain again, however is certain that prabhu, mata, and brother will perceive his intention.

Radha asks Krishna when he is aware of Hanuman’s intention, why don’t he ask him to remain again. Krishna says he could have a tricky journey quickly and desires to tell Hanuman one thing severe which he could not like, however he has to. After someday, Hanuman walks to Radha and sees her making ready ladus. Radha says Krishna requested her to arrange ladus for Hanuman’s farewell, he can have ladu until he’s full and carry some for his journey. Hanuman says he doesn’t need to go now and can go after someday. She asks him how are ladus smelling. He says very nice. She walks away. He thinks Radha went away, he’ll serve Krishna and won’t let him ship him away.

Idol arrives at temple. Balram asks Krishna to disclose it a minimum of now. Krishna asks him to attend. Hanuman enters and says he’ll carry it. Krishna says its okay as he needs to to ascertain it himself. Balram says allow us to set up it. Hanuman says he’ll deliver herbs from mountain for pooja. Balram says he has already organized it, so Hanuman ought to relaxation. Krishna retains idol as an alternative and makes pooja preparations. Hanuman tries to assist him, however he ignores Hanuman. Hanuman walks away sadly. Balram asks Krishna why don’t he let Hanuman assist him and let him keep close to him for some extra time. Krishna says he unwillingly has to ship Hanuman away following the future. After someday, Krishna goes to his room to relaxation. Hanuman walks in and sits close to his ft. Krishna asks if he didn’t relaxation but. Hanuman says his place is close to his ft all the time and he appears drained, so he’ll serve him. Krishna yawns. Hanuman snaps his fingers and says he must be allowed to snap his fingers all the time and reminds earlier occasions. Krishna remembers the incidents and describes how he had entered room at midnight to snap fingers and Seeta obtained indignant and despatched him away, then asks him to go and relaxation and let him relaxation. Hanuman leaves. As soon as Krishna falls asleep, Hanuman returns and presses his foot. Krishna wakes up. Hanuman requests to let him serve him as he will get drained working complete day. Krishna asks to press one other ft and says that is the final probability to serve him. Hanuman will get unhappy listening to that.

Precap: Krishna performs Hanuman’s pranpratishta in temple and tells that Hanuman will likely be current on this temple all the time. Hanuman chants Jai Siya Ram.

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