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I reached 35 episodes with the unconditional love and help from my dearest readers 😍 Thanku 🙏


Episode begins with:


VR Mansion: Creator’s POV;


Subsequent morning, Vansh was preparing when Riddhima got here out of the Washroom vomiting, feeling dizzy and holding her abdomen, Vansh runs to her and makes her lie on the mattress, she says..


Riddhima: Va..Vansh name Shreya. I’m not feeling nicely! Aahhhh…


Vansh: (worriedly) Whats up! Please come to VR Mansion.


(Shreya involves the Mansion, she checks on Riddhima, whereas She lies unconscious contained in the room, Shreya comes out and says..)


Shreya: You all are her household, Please pay attention what I’m saying calmly and thoroughly particularly you Vansh.


Vansh: Don’t take a look at my Persistence Shreya. Simply inform.


Shreya: (nervous and teary eyed) Vansh, there are solely 35% of survival possibilities for Riddhima, you want to select.


(Everybody was shocked listening to Shreya, whereas Vansh was about to fall, when Angre holds him and Ishani says..)


Ishani: Shreya please inform clearly! What do you imply by…


Shreya: It’s very troublesome for me additionally to say however you guys please pay attention with out interrupting as right here I’m a physician first bit additionally her Greatest buddy.. Truly Riddhima could be very weak to hold a toddler now, if she carries the kid until 9 months with this weak spot, then her survival likelihood is solely 35%, little one is protected however Riddhima isn’t, the one technique to save Riddhima is abortion and that too inside her Trimester, in any other case solely God will be capable to save her on the time of supply (sobbing).


(Vansh was nonetheless shocked however Angre requested..)


Angre: Is there every other method?


Shreya: After three months I’ll conduct a specialised Sonography, if experiences are regular then there gained’t be any danger to Riddhima’s life but it surely occurs very not often, solely like a Miracle.


Vansh (Indignant): No want for this feature. I’ve already chosen Riddhima over our child. Does Riddhima is aware of all this?


Shreya: Yeah and he or she fainted. She want you Vansh go inside.


Vansh: You prepare with Abortion formalities.


(Vansh goes to Riddhima, she wakes up, he hugs her tightly and he or she begins crying bitterly 😭😭😭😭, saying..)


Riddhima: (crying) Va.. Vansh 😭 why did this occur with me?


Vansh: (consoling her) Shh 🤫 Sweetheart! Nothing has occurred, I’ve instructed Shreya for Abortion, nothing will occur to you. Okay?


Riddhima: (releasing herself from Vansh) How dare you? Abortion? How are you going to even take into consideration this? Vansh I can’t go away you however I can also’t kill my child. There gained’t be any abortion and that’s remaining. I’ve taken the choice, it’s about my life na..


Vansh: It’s our little one you possibly can’t take selections by yourself. I believed we had been alleged to be companions Riddhima however every thing is shattered.


Riddhima: Vansh 😭😭😭 little one? Whom you’re going to kill?


Vansh: And you’re going to kill your self Rattling it!! (Annoyed)


(Riddhima holds him close to her and cupping her face says..)


Riddhima: (crying) Vansh that is the kid you defeated your childhood concern for, image of our love, I do know what you might be afraid of dropping me! Even I’m Vansh however Shreya stated na that after three months Miracle can occur and I consider until my Vansh is in addition to me there are 200% possibilities of miracle to occur after which 35% possibilities will probably be transformed into 💯. Accha I promise that now subsequent three months I’ll do no matter you’ll say, as you’ll say. You care for me as you wish to.


Vansh: Your life isn’t a joke Riddhima! You’re my every thing. I can’t take this danger and abortion is remaining.


(Riddhima holds his wrist, she takes out a thread from the drawer and ties it on Vansh’s hand saying..)


Riddhima: Vansh this thread is my swear to you that in subsequent three months you gained’t discuss problems and abortion, you realize why as a result of I consider that My Vansh’s love won’t let something occur to his Sweetheart! Miracle will occur after three months and if not then these 9 months will probably be sufficient for me (choking 🥺😭)


Vansh: You possibly can’t do that to me Riddhima, you possibly can’t.


Riddhima: I’ve already accomplished. See the thread is tied 🤭 now I please ship Shreya in, as a result of after my resolution she’ll be the one after you who’ll give me a lecture. Ship her in and also you go I would like some BFF time together with her.


Vansh (in thoughts): You’re taking part in along with your and mine lives each Riddhima, however attributable to this thread and swear I can’t even cease all this. Whyy? Sweetheart! Why? 😭🥺


(Vansh unable to talk something kisses her brow and leaves, he sends in Shreya, she goes to Riddhima they usually look on..)


Episode Ends!





Kindly inform What’s fated for RIANSH? Will they go for Abortion? Will Energy of Love make the Miracle occur? Or Will Vansh Free his Sweetheart ceaselessly ❤️?? Do guess and inform I wait eagerly on a regular basis to your guesses 🙏


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